Thursday, February 29, 2024

February 2024

We had a fantastic February. We moved Sanibel to a nearby lake called Marathon Lake. It's a great spot and nearly bug free. Patrick and Bonnie soon followed suit.

We took them down the long deserted road of Boot Key Island and to the 'Bridge to Nowhere".

Our granddaughter aong with her brother, dad and Uncle Mark were sceduled to arrive this month.
Sadly Aubree came down with the flu and was unable to travel. But Kayne (her brother), Gavlin (her dad) and Mark still vacationed in Key West.

Jimi and I took the bis to Key West on Saturday to spend the day at the beach with them.

For Valentines Day, Jimi bought me two bottles of wine and some tupils I can take home to plant in my garden. We also went to dinner at our favorite Thai restaraunt in Marathon.

On Thursday, February 15th the boys came aboard Sanibel. We went sailing and then grilled burgers on Sanibel.

On Friday we went kayaking in the mangroves. Patrick and Bonnie came with us.

That evening we went to Docksides for dinner and drinks. It was a fun filled time with loves ones.

And then we left Marathon. We decided to go to Little Shark River.
We had just gotten Starlink and wanted to give it a good test.
It worked beautifully. 

Before leaving Marathon, I bought a cheap sewing machine. And now the projects are lined up. 


Wednesday, January 31, 2024

January 2024

We left Marco Island and sailed overnight to Marathon, Florida. The plan was to only stay a few days, go off to other islands in the are and be back by February 7th for family visitors.
But, that didn't happen. We ended up staying the entire month of January mostly due to not getting good enough weather windows.

The weather in Florida has been quite odd this year. It's been cold...Brrrrr...and we've had quite a lot of rain.

The day after we arrived in Marathon Jimi dyed my hair pink. First we had to bleach it and then we used the dye. It didn't turn out the vibrant pastel pink that I wanted but it does have a pink hue to it.

We ate supper on s/v Jammin, Patrick and Bonnie's boat. This is their companion, Edda James.