About Us

We began planning for our blue water adventure in 2008. We sold our homes and moved to Florida where we bought a 1972 Allied Mistress and spent more than a year refitting her. From rags to riches is our beloved “Sanibel”. Our plan is to sail the world for the next five years or more. One adventure at a time, one day at a time, come what may, and keep it simple. Tired of working for the man and tired of the hustle and bustle; now we work for ourselves- determined and proud.

Jimi enjoys photography and making innovations to the boat to make our home more comfortable and efficient. He grew up in the city, escaped to the mountains where he enjoyed climbing and snowboarding for years. His career included working as a service engineer, which involved international travel that took him to nearly 40 countries around the globe.

Lorie LOVES to scrapbook and paint. She grew up an Air Force dependent, which included overseas living and moving every few years. She has raised two wonderful children, who are now off on their own. When not helping with necessary ‘honey dos’ on Sanibel, she likes to read and craft. She holds a degree in accounting and is certified in TEFL (teaching English as a Foreign Language) and the teaching of English to Young Learners.

Now we’re off to the next chapter of sailing the big blue.

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