Monday, August 11, 2008



Hello Everybody,


As you can probably imagine with the kids moving and preparing for Hawaii this week was especially crazy.


Monday evening I took Jennifer and her friend, CC, to Hooters for dinner. Jennifer did some packing during the day.


Tuesday evening I worked for Cencorp and Jennifer hung out with her friends.


Wednesday I had dinner with my friend Connie, visited with Jimi for a bit, went home and took a small nap, then headed to the airport at 11:45pm to pick Daniel up. I finally crawled into bed at 1:30am.


I had a terrible time getting out of bed on Thursday, but I did. I worked until 1:30pm and headed home. Jack Sullivan came to the house at 2pm: we loaded all the kids belongings into the trailer and spent rest of the evening cleaning the messes left behind from packing.


Friday after work, Daniel and I cleaned the garage. Jimi came over later that evening and we just hung out.


Jennifer spent friday and Saturday nights with her friends. Jimi, Daniel, and I went to Water World on Saturday. Our friends Brad and Ellen rented a cabana and we had a great time hanging out with them on the water rides. Daniel and Jimi went home afterwards. I went to Jana and Juraj's house in Englewood. Jana and I took the literail to a place called the Sing Sing. It is like a dualing piano bar. We went there for my girl friend's birthday. We had a nice time, but I was so wore out from Water World that I was really a bump on a log. Jana and I both agree that we would have liked to have our guys with us. I was supposed to stay the night at their house, but since I was able to drive safely, I decided to go home to Jimi. I crawled into bed at 2:10am.


On Sunday, I was beat. My neck was sore from water world. I cleaned the house, packed a little for Hawaii, ran some erronds in town and cleaned Cencorp.


Monday after work I had to do some work for Cencorp before our trip. Tammy and Gregg came over to get the low down on taking care of the dogs and house while we are gone. Actually Tammy stayed until late and we drank quite a bit.


And well that's the week. We leave bright and early tomorrow morning. I will be checking my email while away. I will try to send pictures during our trip, if I can.


Until next time. Love Everybody.



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