Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter

Dear Friends and Family,
I feel busier than ever now, but I can't really pin point what I'm doing. My days and nights are filled with everyday preperations and responsabilities that seem never ending. I suppose it could be the sole product of anxiety. Early in the week I felt worn down and tired hoping I was not coming down with something. By the middle of the week I felt somewhat normal and then was blah again by the weekend.
Jimi and I had a really nice time playing pool Tuesday night. We played again Friday night and on Sunday afternoon; I think Jimi enjoyed himself. I, however, was not up to par.
We had good weather the first half of the week and Jimi finished laying the patio in the back yard. It looks really good and when he plants grass and it grows in, the back yard will be super nice. He also laid rock in the driveway; a total of 12 ton, which gives the property a new look.
Unfortunately, I had to work at Crocs Saturday morning, but I didn't mind. Sometimes, it's tough juggling two jobs, home life, kids, and a Jimi - not to mention my projects.
Jennifer and I went bowling on Thursday for the on-line PE class she needs to graduate.
I met with my realtor to sign some more paperwork on Wednesday. Things are looking good with my house. While it is not actually under contract yet, we have a lot of interest.
Jimi booked us a four day, three night vacation in Las Vegas for June. It was an impulse buy, but still we know that we will have a great time.
We hope you had a nice Easter. We didn't do anything special; I gave Jennifer and Daniel each an Easter basket, something I have not done in years, and Jimi and I cooked a nice Easter dinner together.
That's all for now.
Love everybody,
Lorie & Jimi

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