Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Heading North

Dear Friends and Family,

Hey hey - great news - we've made great progress on Sanibel. Jimi is putting things back on the boat compared to the last six months of taking things off. He has reattached the hardware to Sanibel's deck; The life lines are back up, the cleats are bolted in place, and the windlass is rebuilt, painted and bolted to the deck ready to handle the anchor and its chain.

Jimi has varnished the teak hand rails and cockpit pieces. He hung the pieces from the lanai ceiling to complete this task. (see the picture attached

Jimi bought two folding bikes from our boat yard neighbor. Some elbow grease, new tires and tubes, and a lot of lubricant brought them back to life. Our crystal ball sees them as being our main mode of transportation on land in our future. I know you can't tell from the picture, but they fold in half at the middle of the bikes. We'll send more pictures late

I have finished my TEFL course. It has given me the tools I will need to teach foreigners English as their foreign language. I have another class to complete, which focuses on teaching young learners. I'll begin that class in June.

I'm still loving my Nook and have read another Nora Roberts book, "Birthright". I just began reading Arthur Hailey's "Detective". And I have an entire library of books to read.

Jimi was able to get a picture of a cardinal from our back yard and while at it he captured a shot of this little gecko. The cardinals are still abundant and lately we have seen an increase of blue jays too. We haven't seen any activity from our dove. We wonder if she has moved on.

I have learned that my last day with Cencorp will be May 31st. There's a chance I will do some part time work for them, but it is unclear right now. You know what this means right? I'll be at the boat yard everyday working for Jimi - oh boy.

This is a plus for us, as Jimi could really use the help on Sanibel. In June we will begin working on the inside with wiring systems and plumbing.

We leave for New York tomorrow. We haven't had a vacation in two years and are considering this our honeymoon.

We'll send out another update when we return. We will have lots of pictures!

That's all for now. An early Happy Mother's Day to moms everywhere!!

Love everyone,

Lorie & Jimi

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