Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hello all…

Hello Friends and Family,


Things went well last week and the weekend was fabulous! I concentrated on my bathroom last week, which resulted in rest of the house being very messy.


Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights I worked on mudding and sanding the drywall. Thursday night Miia and Jimi came over to help me begin the tile process on the tub/shower area. Miia and I mudded the tiles with cement and placed them on the wall, while Jimi was outside cutting them as needed. We got about 1/3 of the area completed that night.


We had a bit of excitement towards the end of the week with the tornados coming through our area. The kids were on lock down at school for a while and I was stuck at work. My friend, Brenda in Greeley was in the tornado at her place of employment. Her car was tore up pretty bad and she was shaken up, but was physically unharmed. My house and yard also survived untouched. I think the closest tornado by my house was ten miles away.


Friday was the last day of school for the kids. Friday night Jimi came over and we worked our fingers to the bone trying to finish getting the tile on the walls. It was hard, but we did it.


I got up early Saturday morning and began cleaning house. And here's a funny lil story for you.

Jimi got up not long after I did and went into the garage. I wondered what he was doing, but didn't go see or say anything. I just kept cleaning the kitchen. Pretty soon he came into the kitchen just hanging out. I kept wondering what he was doing, but again never said anything. After 10 minutes or so he said "Oh by the way Happy Birthday". I gave him a hug and said thank you. Then he said that he would leave to get us some coffee in a minute and he kept hanging around the kitchen – in my way of course as I am trying to clean. I noticed the dogs in the back yard and wondered why Jimi was still there. I finally decided to stop cleaning and watch out the window until he left. So, we stood there together commenting on the dogs, etc. I guess he couldn't stand it any longer because he finally said "You're not very observant, are you?" It was then that I noticed a patio fire pit in my back yard, which I had been looking right past for the last 15 minutes. It was my birthday present. He bought me a patio fire pit, but better yet he made a beautiful stone table around it.

It is beautiful. Now we can cook brats, roast marshmallows and camp in the back yard when ever we want to. And finally he went to get us coffee, but it didn't end there. When he returned he brought me a dozen roses for my birthday: 6 white and 6 red. The colors symbolize love and unity, but he said to him they symbolize that the woman in line before him bought the last set of 12 red roses, cuz that's what he wanted to buy  for me. He's so funny. I am very happy with any color.


My girlfriend, Heather from Maryland, came over for a couple of hours that afternoon. We had a nice visit. Afterwards, Jimi took me bowling and that evening we sat in the back yard around the fire pit cooking brats on a stick and roasting marshmallows.


Sunday I had planned to grout around the tile and mow the grass. Jimi was suppose to just get me started on the grout and then go home, but he ended up staying and doing the whole thing, while I mowed the grass.


Monday was our annual Memorial Day bar-b-que. It drizzled and rained all day, but our turn out was grand. Of the 37 RSVPs, 25 showed up. Some stood outside, while some stayed inside. We had more than enough food and a wonderful time visiting and relaxing with one another.


Mom & Dad were supposed to come out for the bar-b-que, but there plans changed when my cousin came over to paint their house for them. It needed painting, so it was an opportunity that could not be avoided. I was disappointed, but understood.


I actually felt like I hade a weekend with three days off and getting so much done. This week I have another list of things to accomplish, but it should be a good week as well.

I trust that everyone is doing well and I will write again next week.


Love Everybody,


Friday, May 9, 2008

Daniel is driving

Hello Everyone,


A few things to report this week.


Work is going well. I am still in training and just received a computer, desk, and phone on Thursday. But, there wasn't any software loaded on the computer.. Funny huh? So, I am sitting with my boss/peer for training, which can make the days long.


Daniel had court on Wednesday and that went very well. The judge sees no problem with Daniel being released from probation in a month or so. Daniel also got his driving permit on Thursday. He drove home from Longmont on Thursday and did an exceptional job. He also drove several other times on Saturday and Sunday.


Jennifer's birthday was Friday. We took her to Red Lobster Friday evening. Thursday evening her ex-boyfriend & his family took her to dinner and gave her lots of presents. Jennifer spent her birthday money on hair extensions. Her hair is down to her waist now. It's cute, but was expensive.


I was suppose to do yard work over the weekend, but that all changed. First, the power rake we had reserved broke and second my realator does not think my house will appraise for the amount I need to refinance. Jimi wants me to do everything possible to increase the value and order the appraisal anyhow. So, at his suggestion we finished the downstairs bathroom - well mostly. Daniel and Jimi actually did it all. They would not let me help because I had mounds of final homework assignments due on Sunday. They finished the framing and put up the drywall. It is not mudded yet, the tile is not up around the tub, and the floor is not done. I am going to do the floor this week and try to do the tile around the tub later while Jimi is in Chicago. I am hoping that what we got done will be enough to consider the 2nd bathroom in the appraisal.

Maybe this weekend I can get to the yard work. Jimi leaves for a couple of weeks next weekend. He is going to Chicago and Michigan to visit his brother and father.


Saturday night we went to the Longmont Moose Lodge with Tammy and Greg. They had an annual Gong Show fund raiser. We ate pizza, drank, and played poker pool. We had a great time. Tammy's boyfriend is a cool guy. Did I tell you that he lives accross the street with Travis? Anyhow, Mike has been seeing a girl for a while now, Rosemary. Rumor has it that they have been secretely seeing each other since last summer. Anyhow, moving on now.


My classes are coming to an end. I finished all my final assignments throughout this past week. I have a couple of new assignments due this week and three finals to take this week and then I will be all done for the semester.


We are having a yard sale soon, so I am gathering things and getting ready for that as well. Also, our memorial day bar-b-q is coming up.


I will not be walking in the commencement on May 14th. I filled all my paperwork out, but forgot to turn it in by the deadline.


I started the process to get my house refinanced. Pray for me that everything goes smoothly. It will drop my monthly expenses about $500 per month + an additional $1,000 a year, for property taxes. Everything is a go and looks good for refinancing except, as I mentioned earlier, the appraisal. I really need this.


I better go now, I am tired, it's late and I have to study, but first Daniel and I are going to sit in the hot tub. :-)


Love Everyone,