Monday, April 26, 2010

Slumber week

Hello all,

Not much happened this past week. It rained most of the week and Jimi could not finish the fence,  nor could he and Matt train for the marathon.

Miller began the week feeling under the weather, but bounced back and is now doing well. I felt under the weather for a few days and just laid around the house after work.

Jenn had two days of clinicals for her nursing class. It was quite an eye opener for her to work in a nursing home, but still she enjoyed the experience.

Jimi and I played pool a couple of nights, he worked on replacing the door on the front porch, and along with my being completely lazy, I managed to work on my family tree and do some painting lessons.

Jennifer had her senior prom on Saturday night. She looked amazing. Here are pictures for you.

Since we no linger have cable, Jimi hooked his computer up to the TV so we can watch television programs from a website called hulu. It's pretty cool and a lot less commercials.

I hit my 2 year anniversary date with Crocs and soon I will be hitting my 10 year anniversary date with Cencorp.

It was a mellow slumber week. While I hate feeling like I wasted an entire week I know that sometimes we need these kinds of weeks. That's all for now.

Love Everybody,
Lorie & Jimi

Monday, April 19, 2010

A lot of little things...

Dear Friends and Family,

Nothing big this week, but a lot of little things happening. Jimi continued to work on painting the fence; it has turned out to be quite a big job. He also spent time edging and weeding the front yard and I prepared the flower garden. The front yard looks really good.

Jennifer was at the dentist a couple more times last week. She had a semi-annual cleaning and a temporary crown. She is doing much better now that the root canal is done.

 Jimi's been actively studying navigational software. He's learned alot and is really enjoying the learning experience.

I went parent/teacher conferences at the high school Wednesday afternoon; Jenn is doing well in her classes. Afterwards, I attended a parent meeting for graduates in the school auditorium.

Jimi and I took Miller for a moonlight stroll in the middle of the week. It was a peaceful evening and all three of us enjoyed the serenity. We again played pool at the moose lodge on Tuesday and Friday nights, which seems to have become our default "get out of the house" activity.

Jimi is assisting our friend, Matt train for a 26 mile marathon he will run in May. He dropped Matt off in Boulder on Thursday and Matt ran back to Longmont. He ran 14.2 miles in about three hours. They will do more training this week.

I finished my first painting with acrylic paints. It was more difficult than I had imagined and though it is recognizable, I'm not so happy with the outcome and will probably keep it under wraps. Ha-ha

I also painted my first painting with oil paints. I look at it and critique it thinking of things that could make it better and then I tell myself- 'it's my first painting', which makes it perfect. I took a picture of it for you to see.

 Miller was feeling a bit under the weather over the weekend, so we stayed close to home. We are keeping a close eye on him and are hoping he will come out of it soon.

Daniel went to his Jr Prom this past weekend. Here are a couple of pictures for you.

Jennifer and I bowled the final games for her online class. She has completed her lessons and now must study for her final exam. As long as she passes this online bowling class, she will be able to graduate with her class. Don't be fooled - the written part of this class is somewhat difficult. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for her.

All is well. Have a wonderful week!!

Love everybody,
Lorie & JImi

Monday, April 12, 2010

Painting Fences

Hello all,

Well life goes on and so do the things around us. One day at a time and before we know it the week is gone and I find myself writing again, recapping what happened in our lives the week before. It seems redundant, but it's a good record of progress. As we get older, time moves faster. I can remember, as a child, thinking that it would be FOREVER for Christmas to come around and it was unimaginable  to think of being 30 years old. It's so true what our parents tell us while growing up - "time goes by fast"; however, it's not something one can see as a child. I suppose it's the result of maturity and wisdom. If that's the case, though I still feel young at heart, does this mean I am now mature and wise?

Jimi and I enjoyed several games of pool at the Moose Lodge with Tammy and Greg on Tuesday evening. Also the same day, Jennifer went to the dentist for an urgent root canal; however, our dentist was unable to complete the procedure, so she had to schedule with a specialist later in the week. Jimi spent the day in Dearfield, Colorado (by Greeley) shooting photography for a time lapse project. I have inserted the link for you to watch. He titled it Photographs in Motion.

Time lapse from Dearfield Colorado using 7D and AE from Jim Nicolaus on Vimeo.

Wednesday we took Miller for a long walk, since the weather was nice, and we stopped at a local pub along the trail for a refreshing beer. It made me lazy rest of the night though.

Thursday night the three of us went to a sushi restaurant in Boulder called Japango. It was pretty good; however, Jennifer got sick. Not off the food though, her doctor figured it was the pain medication she was on.

Jimi and I play more than nine games of pool at the Moose Lodge again on Friday night. We were still home by 11pm though. It was fun.

Jimi worked hard painting the primer coat on the front fence. There are a lot of nooks and crannies to do and he worked two full days on it alone. Then we both worked on it all day Saturday; Sunday he did some touch ups. The white fence is proving to give the entire property a new look. As Jimi put it, it's straight out of Little House on the Prairie (in the city). I'll attach a picture when it's finished.

Sunday we went for a motorcycle ride on his bike. He was testing new video ideas, so watch for more exciting footage from Jimi. :-)

Movies we watched this week were Shutter Island - (very good movie) and Hannibel.

That's all for now. We hope all is well with you and you have a wonderful week coming.

Love everybody,

Lorie & Jimi

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter

Dear Friends and Family,
I feel busier than ever now, but I can't really pin point what I'm doing. My days and nights are filled with everyday preperations and responsabilities that seem never ending. I suppose it could be the sole product of anxiety. Early in the week I felt worn down and tired hoping I was not coming down with something. By the middle of the week I felt somewhat normal and then was blah again by the weekend.
Jimi and I had a really nice time playing pool Tuesday night. We played again Friday night and on Sunday afternoon; I think Jimi enjoyed himself. I, however, was not up to par.
We had good weather the first half of the week and Jimi finished laying the patio in the back yard. It looks really good and when he plants grass and it grows in, the back yard will be super nice. He also laid rock in the driveway; a total of 12 ton, which gives the property a new look.
Unfortunately, I had to work at Crocs Saturday morning, but I didn't mind. Sometimes, it's tough juggling two jobs, home life, kids, and a Jimi - not to mention my projects.
Jennifer and I went bowling on Thursday for the on-line PE class she needs to graduate.
I met with my realtor to sign some more paperwork on Wednesday. Things are looking good with my house. While it is not actually under contract yet, we have a lot of interest.
Jimi booked us a four day, three night vacation in Las Vegas for June. It was an impulse buy, but still we know that we will have a great time.
We hope you had a nice Easter. We didn't do anything special; I gave Jennifer and Daniel each an Easter basket, something I have not done in years, and Jimi and I cooked a nice Easter dinner together.
That's all for now.
Love everybody,
Lorie & Jimi