Monday, December 12, 2016

Boot Key Harbor - Marathon, Florida

Boot Key Harbor in Marathon, Florida is resting place for many cruisers and live-aboards. We’ve stopped here a couple of times over the years.

The city of Marathons runs it; they offer 226 mooring balls and all the amenities: laundry at $3.00 a wash /$3.00 a dry, showers, a day room, smokin' fast Wi-Fi, a workroom, bicycles for loan, parking, dinghy dockage, storage lockers for rent and more. This time of year the mooring balls fill up and a waiting list is started. As of today I heard, there are six boats on the waiting list. We arrived just in time to claim a spot. 

The daily 9am net, which discusses questions and answers, news, buy, sell, trade and activities lasts up to an hour on any given day. Activities from sports teams, yoga, potlucks and more are available for willing participants.

After leaving Key West, we decided to stop briefly. Our sailing buddy, Bob, had returned from the Bahamas making this his waiting point. It took some convincing, but I talked Jimi into staying here for Thanksgiving and Christmas. So here we float!

We arrived a few days before Thanksgiving Day. The harbor was a bustle with talk of the big meal. Over 175 people, all strangers, came together to celebrate and give thanks. The food spread was unreal and honestly, it was some of the best food we’ve ever tasted.

This is a small portion of the line.


More food!

This is less than half the seating. People were seated inside, outside and all around.

Sweet treat table!

It never ends!

We found a cozy spot - no one chose this table becuase it was smack in the sun. We were grateful!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Brittany picked up some work when she first arrived with Bob. He paid her to do some deep and heavy cleaning on his boat. Since then, she's made a friend and now she has other interests. They spend much of their time together. If she's not sleeping or doing school work, shes with her friend.

Jimi has been helping Bob with his repairs from the effects of Hurricane Matthew. And I go about my routine with work and getting ready for Christmas. 

This tree looks like a giant pineapple.

We attended the tree lighting ceremony in the park next door to the marina.

 We saw Santa!

 Yum - carrot cake for all.
They also offered cookies, hot cocoa and more goodies for everyone.

Bicycles and donations are being collected for the less fortunate children.

The day room has a Christmas tree.

Bicycles so far.

Everytime we visit Marathon, I take a photo of this sign.

The outside dinghy dock.

The inside dinghy dock.

The cruisers Garden.

This was Captain Jack's shopping cart. Captain Jack was a life long sailor who retired here and lived on his boat in Marathon. He died a few days before we arrived at the age of 94.  He was well known by the ladies, as he would pick flowers from the trees and give them to the woman. He was a sweet man and the harbor folks miss him dearly.
I have a photo of me with Captain Jack for four years ago somewhere.

The aquanas are all around us.

That's a whole lot of dinghys.

"Hello there"