Saturday, March 14, 2020

And the tables turn

 After our month on the mooring ball in Marathon was up we made our way down to Marco Island. We had only been there a short time when the news of the covid-19 virus sprang up. We did our best to distance ourselves and yet still go for walks and the grocery store.

Here are some owl nests we came upon. It turns out these are protected and all over Marco Island. We were fascinated.

Within a week the covid threat spread rapidly. Supplies like toilet paper and hand sanitizer were impossible to get. Jimi kept me on the boat deciding I should avoid contact with anyone.

It wasn't long that Jimi predicted that the situation would only get worse and he didn't think it would be wise to be stuck on the boat in Florida. It sounds isolated and a good place to be however access to food, water and essential supplies could be difficult to get. That's when Jimi made to decision to head up river to the boat yard. And so we are now making we our way inland.

I'll update you more.