Monday, February 25, 2008

This week's focus was Get-R-Done!


Hello All,


I thought the week was going to be pretty boring, but it turns out that it was quite eventful. My email is long, so I hope you don't find it too boring. I am amazed myself at how much we accomplished, and yet I don't feel like it was a hectic week. In fact, I was relaxed and things seemed to go pretty smoothly.


Jennifer worked a pretty full week. She was scheduled to work Tuesday, Thursday, Friday nights, and a double on Saturday.


Daniel and I met with his probation officer on Tuesday (regular monthly meeting). She said that as soon as he completes a petty theft class, gets his fines/court costs paid, and continues to stay out of trouble he will be completely off probation. She would like to see this happen by June. I was surprised since he was given two years. But, she said it is common to get off early with good behavior. Daniel earned all the money in Wyoming to pay his fees/court costs. He gave it to his dad so Jim could write a check to the courts, but it didn't happen. I talked to Jim about it and we are counting on him to replenish the money by the end of April. Daniel goes in front of the judge on April 30th, and it would look really good if he had everything completed.


Tuesday night Daniel went to Jesse's house. I stayed home mostly doing homework, and talked to Mike Reasoner on the phone for a while. Jennifer did not get off work until 11pm ugh, I waited outside the restaurant for 45 minutes. I forgot to set my alarm and didn't wake up until 6:07am on Wednesday. I'm not sure how, but still managed to get to school and work on time.


I couldn't go to crochet on Wednesday night, because we had to be at the school to register Jennifer for her Junior year. That was kind of exciting, huh? Wednesday, I purchased tickets for the Grand Ole Opry show in Nashville on March 15th. Sounds like Carrie Underwood and Little Big Town are going to be there, as well as some others I have never heard of.


Thursday had a bit of excitement. As I was dropping the kids off at school, Ray's mother, Nancy, called Jennifer to tell her that Ray was in the ER. Something was wrong with his elbow. I wasn't real clear at the time, but it was serious. I dropped Jennifer off at the hospital and went on to work. Jennifer did not go to school or work that day. She spent the entire day at the hospital with Nancy and Ray. Ray finally went into surgery around 5pm.  Jennifer slept in Longmont with Nancy, as Ray had to spend the night in the hospital.

After work, I picked Daniel up and we went home. Earlier that day, I enrolled Daniel in a driver's education class, so he spent the evening working on that. It is a 30 hour class, and Daniel is determined to have it done by the end of this week. I did homework, and by the end of the evening I had all my assignments (except one) done for the week (which didn't end until Sunday). Jimi came over for the night and worked on his photos.


Friday was a normal day at work. And Friday evening Jennifer went to work, and then spent the night at the hospital with Ray. He's pretty sick with something called "MRSA". He got it from wrestling. It is a superbug. Or in other words a highly contagious internal staff infection. Evidently it resists antibiotics and very difficult to get rid of. Daniel hung out with his friend Jesse. Jimi came over with a movie, which seems to be our Friday night ritual lately. My brother-in-law, Lyle, came to town for a toy show in Loveland, so he spent the night at my house and watched the movie with us. And guess what? I didn't work on any homework during the movie. Yeah!!


Saturday morning we cooked breakfast, cleaned house, and did laundry. Jimi took my car, Miller, Daniel, and Jesse rock climbing in the mountains. I really wanted to go to, but had to work on my essay and get Jenn to work. I took Jennifer to work at noon, and then went to the library to work on my time travel essay. I chose to do it on a comparison of cats from the ancient Egyptian culture and modern U.S. cats. I picked Jennifer up at 3 for her break. We ran a couple of errands and then went to the hospital to visit Ray for a bit. Jimi and the boys also came to the hospital to visit Ray, and as they were going through the parking lot looking for a spot some lady backed into my car. I have no damage, but the ladies bumper was a bit messed up. The lady was pissed and claimed that it was Jimi's fault, because he should be watching for people backing out of the parking spots.I think the police were on her side, but couldn't do anything because technically Jimi had the right of way. (that's what they told us) They did not issue any citations either.

That evening we stayed in Longmont. I worked on my essay, Jenn was back at work, and Daniel and Jimi watched TV.


Jennifer ended up working on Sunday to make up for the time she missed on Thursday. Nancy and Reuben (Ray's parents) toted her back and forth between the hospital and work. Ray had to have another surgery on his elbow. Daniel, Jimi, and I went snowboarding. They went on the double black runs (that's the hardest there is on the resort slopes). Even though Daniel hurt his ankle, he had lots of fun. I bruised my left knee with a couple of falls; it is very sensitive and somewhat swollen, but I stayed on my usual slope trying to learn to do turns, and I did them. It was a breakthrough. When Jimi came to get me, we went down together so I could show him. It was awesome! Another day of this and I can advance to a bigger run. Practice, practice, practice - that's all it is. I'm not over the hurdle yet, but on my way. After snowboarding I took a nap and rested. We watched a movie and then headed for home about 9pm. I didn't even pick up a school book, which felt a little wierd like I was missing something, but also felt good.


I thought you might like an update on how each class is going. They are going o.k.

I hate my math class, and I do not know why. I think it is just because I don't care about what I am doing in it. My grades could be much better, but I don't study or anything. I just do the assignments and takes the tests. Actually, I don't do all of the assignments, I only do the ones that have to be turned in. I think I am holding a B.

I love my philosophy class. I have a lot of work each week in this class, but I love the interactive discussions analyzing ethics and morals. I haven't done too well on the tests, but I never have done well on tests.

My humanities class is o.k. Some weeks I like it and some weeks I could do without. It's too "text booky" for me. I have just as much work in that class as I do in philosophy.

I like my English class pretty well. I also have a lot of work in this class each week. It is a mixture of my own thoughts and feelings and text book material. It's not too bad though. I may dread them in the beginning, but I really do enjoy writing the essays.

Looks like I have a not of homework this week.

I wouldn't go as far as to say that I am still sick, but I am not 100% yet either. What ever I have is hanging on by a hang nail. Just enough to be annoying and irritating.


Love everyone,


Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm giving up on getting well :-)


Hello all,


I was hoping that the beginning of a crappy week would have a happy ending. Well, I suppose it does depending, of course on how you look at it. All is well, but I am still sick. I'm sick of being sick and to me that spells c-r-a-p-p-y.


The saying "No rest for the weary" certainly is true for me. This past week went by so fast it's as a blur.


Last Monday night was our Valentine gift exchange for sorority, but I did not go. I stayed home. I was determined to be well for Valentines Day. I took Airborne, Sudafed, and drank buckets of water around the clock.


Tuesday during lunch, I had to go to the college to take a test. Tuesday night Jennifer worked and I stayed home to rest. My rest includes curling up on the couch with a laptop and mountains of college books. Nevertheless, I was at home and indoors. I had to pick Jennifer up from work about 10:30.


Wednesday morning, I felt pretty darn good and was 90% back to normal. I took the last does of my medicines and called it good. However, by Wednesday night I was a wreck. Jennifer worked again and Daniel and I had a zillion errands to run; one of which was buying more Airborne and Sudafed. We stopped in and had a Chai Tea with the crochet ladies, but we were late, so I did not crochet. We only stayed about half an hour. We then went to Kay's house, where we made Jimi an awesome Valentine present (picture attached). We made a fruit bouquet. We baked chocolate chip cookies on sticks, put grapes on sticks, and strawberries on sticks either plain, dipped in chocolate, dipped in chocolate with pink coconut, or dipped in chocolate with chopped nuts. It turned out fantastic. Once that was done, I had to take it to my other girlfriend, Viktoria. Viktoria's husband, Mike, delivered it for me Thursday morning. Jimi was very surprised, well especially since I told Mike to go early to assure Jimi would be home - and he was still sleeping. He-he.


Thursday was just another day at work. Jimi and I had dinner reservations in Boulder at 9:30 pm (it was all we could get). The place was very nice and not too expensive. We had escargot, salmon, steak, wine, cruzan & coke, and shared a butterscotch desert. After dinner, I went straight home. It was late and I did not feel good. Jimi gave me a Starbucks gift pack, a web cam, and the most wonderful card ever. The web cam is cool.


On Friday, I was dragging at work. I snuck out about 30 minutes early, as I just couldn't take anymore. Friday night I did homework and Jimi came over again with a movie. He hooked up my web cam and we sat next to each other on the couch (playing around) watching each other on our screens. Yes, we know we are goofy! Daniel just kept shaking his head at us.


Saturday morning my girlfriend, Tammy Reasoner, I was on the phone with her for about three hours, so I got nothing done.  Anyhow, Jennifer had to work from noon until 11pm with a break between 3pm and 4:45 pm. I did not want to make a zillion trips to Longmont, so I stayed in town all day. It worked out very well. Not being at home, I was able to get an unbelievable amount of homework done. I sat on Jimi's front porch until 3pm. It's beautiful there. He has a nice little love seat out there and when the afternoon sun shines through the windows, it is quiet, warm, and relaxing. Jimi was working on his motorcycle most of the time, but did come sit with me for a bit. After Jennifer's break, we went to the coffee shop and sat. Jimi's Internet at his house was not working, and I needed it for school work. We stayed at the coffee shop (with free Internet) until 8:30pm. I was so relaxing! We went back to Jimi's house and I worked on my taxes until Jennifer called at 10:45. I picked Jenn up and we went home.


On Sunday, I was supposed to chauffeur Jimi and Daniel back country snowboarding, but the weather was too bad and the avalanche danger was too high. So instead I cleaned the house, made two scrapbook pages, did some work for Cencorp, and did all my laundry; all before Jennifer had to be at work. The other busser quit on Friday, so Jennifer's shifts have doubled. She worked Sunday night from 4 to 9pm. Again, I stayed in Longmont. I finished an essay I'd been working on and turned it in. I cleaned Cencorp and rested on the couch, including watching TV with my eyes closed. Then I picked Jennifer up and we went home.


Not much mention of Daniel this week. He has been around though and doing well. I told you earlier that his friend Jesse moved back to Mead, so he doesn't hang around with me much anymore.


I talked to Jim Sullivan over the weekend. It sounds like he is doing well. He is settled in his house, though knowing Jim, that does not mean he is unpacked. His job is going well too. He did mention being very lonely without Simba around.


Here we are back to Monday again. Today is President's day and there is no school. The kids are at home and I am at work.


Love everyone,


Monday, February 11, 2008

Great week with a crappy ending


Hello All,


It was a pretty boring week, so I'm sorry that I don't have a lot of juicy stuff to write about.


Monday and Tuesday nights I worked on homework non-stop from about 5:30 to 10pm.


Jennifer worked Tuesday and Wednesday nights. She received her first paycheck on Wednesday and I took her to open her first bank account on Thursday. She felt very good about herself and was on top of the world. We took pictures of everything, so I can make a scrapbook page; he-he. Her 'on top of the world' feelings did not last to long though. Ray (her boyfriend) broke up with her for unknown reasons. They have been dating since September.


Daniel was sick sick sick! He hung on to a cruddy cold and sore throat throughout the week. He stayed home from school on Tuesday and should have stayed home on Wednesday too, but he needed to go. I was fighting off the cold and sore throat myself.


Wednesday night (while Jennifer was at work) we did our usual of going out for dinner and going to crochet. I may change the dinner thing though. Jenn is sure that she will be working every Wednesday and doesn't get to go with us, which isn't fair for her.


Thursday night after opening Jenn's checking account. I took the kids to eat at a new Panda Express restaurant. We went to the grocery store for a few items and then it was back home, where Daniel finished up an awesome work bench area in his room that he has been working on. I am so proud of him since he has come home. His room has stayed clean, and his laundry done. I never have to tell him to do either. Hopefully that doesn't change. You can probably guess what I did - yes - HOMEWORK. Jennifer was in her room on the phone and Internet.


 By Friday night my sore throat was really sore. I laid around the house (doing homework, of course) and later Jimi brought a movie over.


Daniel's best friend, Jesse, moved back to Mead earlier in the week. Daniel spent the rest of the weekend hanging out with him.


Saturday morning was our Valentines luncheon for sorority. We did something a little different this year. Our chapter was in charge of finding the place, so we chose a Chinese restaurant. Kay was crowned our Queen this year. Jennifer worked from 4pm to 10pm. Sometime Saturday afternoon, my sore throat went away. I never even notice it, until it moved into my head.


Sunday morning I felt OK., so we went snowboarding. We stayed until about 1pm. I think I did just OK. Daniel says I did really good, but I don't agree. Jimi says I'm moving along right where I should be. I have no problems going down the mountain at fast speeds, and turning left (on my heel). Nor do I have a problem turning to the right (on my toes). My problem is when I turn right, I can't turn back left again. My only alternative to stay on the run is to stop. Sometimes I get frustrated and think snowboarding isn't for me.  Regardless if I ever get any better, at least I am out there trying and getting some exercise. Daniel and Jimi tried to do a back country run, but the snow was 6 feet high which made the hike to the top of the mtn exhausting. They only went down once and then we headed home. Jimi kept my car so he could change the oil. Daniel and I took his truck and went on home.

Sunday night, Jimi and I were invited to go to a comedy club in Westminster with Bob and Kay (friends of ours). I really wanted to go, but cancelled at the last minute because I was really sick. My entire head was plugged solid. My ears had not even popped yet from coming off the mountain. That evening at home I sat in the hot tub to try to break some of it up. It helped a little.


And here we are back to Monday again. The kids are at school, and I am at work. My body must think it's Halloween cuz I appear as a walking zombie. I'm pretty miserable. It hit me on Saturday that I have been sick a lot this winter. I think this is my 3rd time. Past history shows that I get sick about once every 3 years. I'm not sure why I've been so susceptible this year.

This past was week was pretty relaxed for me; I was at home nearly every night with time to do my homework. However, this new week I am totally booked. I'm not sure how I will get it all done.


Love Everyone!!


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A lot going on this weekend


Good Morning,


Well I feel like I have a lot to report this week. I was going to wait until Wednesday, but decided that if I really have that much to say, more frequent shorter emails might be better.


Daniel was finally able to start school Wednesday morning. Thank God!!! It took us a week and a half to get him enrolled in Longmont High because of all the paperwork,etc.


We picked Jimi up from the airport last Wednesday evening. We were all excited to have him back home. And as usual he brought us lots of gifts. He brought Daniel 2 belts, a NY ballcap, and a Samari sword. I was given a real Coach purse (with a seriel number) and a Japanese scroll wall hanging which reads "My Love". At least that's what Jimi told me it says. And Jennifer received a CoCo Chanel purse. We took Jimi to his house and went home but then he suprised me and came over to spend the night. However, somewhere between 1am and 3am he went to the couch. There are times that he just doesn't sleep well at my house. Neither one of us can figure it out. We've switched beds, he only uses a sleeping bag like at his house, and my house is cold like his is - so we don't know what else is different. Oh well........


Thursday afternoon, Daniel had his first official appointment with his probation officer. It went very well. We have to meet with her once a month.


Firday Daniel had an appointment with the court house in Wheatland, so I only worked 2 hours in the morning then it was off to Wyoming. Jim S didn't go to the appointment, but it went very well. And then Daniel stayed the weekend with his dad.


Jimi and I had a "date night" planned for Firday night at his house. We were going to cook supper together, eat by candlelight, hot tub or bathtub, a little dancing to soft music, and then a movie - but Jennifer's plans fell through and was at the house with us the whole evening. So we still did all those things, but only with Jenn. Jimi had bought me flowers before he found out that Jenn would be there, and he gave those to me. This time it was 6 long stem red roses - he is such a sweetheart. One day last October I came home from an apointment in Greeley and on my kitchen table were 14 long stem red roses with a card that read "My life was just fine until you came along..........and made it wonderful" "I Love You, Jimi". That guy really knows the path straight to my heart. Although I would love him even if he didn't do these things for me - well I have since the day I met him. It was love at first sight for me!!!


Saturday morning, we went to the IMAX theatre (Jennifer stayed home, cuz she didn't want to go), and then we went to lunch at the Bump n Grind. It was great. The guys were dressed in drag. One guy lifted up his dress and began rubbing his butt on Jimi's shoulder. It was hillarious. Next the plan was for Jennifer and I to go home for 4 hours or so. She needed to come back to town and I would stay at Jimis again. While at home Jennifer and I got in a big arguement. As soon as she said "Fuck you Mom" I told her that I wasn't taking her anywhere. She called her friends and they came and got her. I broke down after she left crying etc. I called Jimi and talked to him for a while and then called Melody. An hour or so later Jimi showed up at my house to stay with me. That night Jimi slept all night like a rock - I don't know why or what the difference was. Sometimes he will sleep good in Mead, but most of the time he does not. Go figure.


Sunday, we went bowling with Mike and Miia and then back to my house where we played on our computers, watched tv, and then played Guitar Hero for a while. He finally went home around 3:30. I cleaned Cencorp, picked Jennifer up and back home for the evening. Daniel called and said he would stay in Wyoming until Monday, since it was snowing heavily and there is no school on Monday. I also worked a couple of hours on my quilt - yes, I am making myself a quilt. And I made three scrapbook pages. I like being diverse and getting things done.


Other things in the works:

We've been planning a family vacation for Aug 08 since last summer, but had not decided on where yet. This weekend we all agreed on Hawaii. So, as long as I can swing the cost of 3/4 of the trip, we are going to Hawaii for 7 nights and 8 days in August. We talked about lots of places and for a long time and Mexico was our tentative destination, but when I suggested Hawaii everyone raved. 

I bought my plane ticket to go to Tennessee on March 13th. I am going to visit Tammy Leninsky (Mercer) for a few days.  I am excited about going to the Grand Ole Opry Show. And seeing Nashville.

Melody and I are meeting for lunch today. I have an ECC meeting tonight, and tomorrow school starts. Anyhow, as always more later.


Love, Lorie