Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Aubree blessings


We finally broke down and bought a new refrigerator for our apartment. It seems smaller, but I think we'll adapt and hoping it will be quieter.

I'm kind of at a lose of what to report on. I've stepped up production even though I don't have any craft fairs to attend and my Etsy shop isn't moving any product.

I've gone out to visit my Uncle Lavern a few times. My parents have gone with me and Jimi as well. Jimi went up to Seattle on his motorcycle to visit his long time buddy Juraj. He was gone about two weeks.

I'm looking forward to fall coming and planning to decorate. And I'm also planning a lot of homemade Christmas presents since we'll be staying here this winter. I haven't been home for Christmas since 2016, so it's about time although I don't know how much fun it's going to be with covid as bad as it it.

Just after losing Melody, Aubree came to stay with us for a few days and we stayed very busy. I have tons of pictures to share.

We took Aubree to the pumpkin patch

We made cake pops

We went to the park

and Aubree got to ride Grandpas electric skateboard.

She talked me out of another tutu set and insisted she sleep in it.

We played wack a mole

Grandpa read the news to Aubree

We visited GG (Great Grandma) and played.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Please tell me it's not real


I lost my best friend to cancer last night.
Melody Chrysler Dill, girl I miss you!
I’m thankful I was able to speak to her just before she passed and tell her how much I love her and miss her. And though we’ve known this day was coming, it doesn’t make it any easier. For 20 years she was my friend and confidant. We laughed together and cried together, we could tell each other anything, we were in each other’s back pockets and so were our children when they were younger. She raised two amazing daughters whom are like my own and she was over the top with excitement when she found out she would be a grandmother. Little Quinn brought her so much love and enjoyment in her final eighteen months.
Melody was the picture of grace – patient, caring, loving and kind and she was the best listener ever. I always marveled at her taste in decorating and gardening.
In 2015 she was reunited with her childhood crush and found her happily ever after. But that happily ever after was stolen from her by cancer. I know all her family will miss her – I will miss her. Honestly, I’m having a very hard time with this. Her daughter told me “time heals”, but right now I’m wondering how that’s possible and what it looks like.
She was my sister – my family hers and her family mine. All my love and prayers to her husband, Darrell, daughters, Tiffany and Summer, granddaughter, Quinn, sister Debbie (and Gene), brother Rick (and Kim) and older brother, Harold.
I do take some comfort knowing she’s with Jesus, but I’m still going to miss her.
Melody Chrysler Dill, you will always be Odie to me! I love you and don’t worry, I will be there for the girls and Quinn. I will tell Quinn all the wonderful stories about you as she’s growing up.
Rest in Peace my BFF
June 13, 1961 ~ September 22, 2020 (age 59)