Tuesday, January 31, 2023

A Snowman

Since we weren't able to snowbird in Florida this winter, Jimi decided to drive down to Florida to check on Sanibel. He'll also bring the batteries back to monitor them. 

Dr. Hartl agreed to give me the month of January off for chemo. The meds took a toll on me and I need a break.
With that said I brought Jenn's dog Jax to stay with me while Jimi is gone. He's a good companion and a good boy.

I'm working on my chemo quilt.

My friend, Margi Ehrke, has been a true blessing and God send. She checks on me daily and bring me gifts.

What a great time to make donuts.

My neighbor across the street sent this alohe plant to me. So sweet!

We got a bunch of snow. I so love it. I managed to shovel the side walks out front. I was weak and it took me all day but I prevailed.

And when Jimi got home from Florida, Aubree came over. 
We built a snowman!
Snow much fun!!