Saturday, April 30, 2022

Multi-needle embroidery machine

I have so many 'favorite' things to do and one of them is making cupcakes. Now that I'm back in Nebraska the cupcake baking began.

Spending time with baby Z (Zayleigh) and Brittany.

This is a VERY exciting time for me. I dreamed of this day for years. I bought my first beginner single needle embroidery machine in 2018. It was on a super sale for $500, which I thought was very reasonable. My husband couldn't believe how expensive they are. I very quickly learned and got the hang of it and out grew the hoop size. Regardless I used it and used it and used it. By 2021 I had earned enough money to buy another machine. It was one hoop size larger. It was used and I paid $1,000 for it.
I still longed for a multi-needle machine but with the brother machines priced at $15,000 and up, I assumed I would never get one.
However, during the season on Sanibel, came across the BAI machine. A 15 needle machine for around $3,900 plus shipping and some extras. The total would be right around $5,000.
It still seemed out of the question until my co-worker suggested I get a 18 month interest free credit card to pay for the machine and so I did.

I waited anxiously for delivery. This is it!

My first test stitch out.