Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Dog sitting and more

 And August has come and gone already. Before we know it we'll be heading to Florida for the winter, but in the meantime...we start August out by dog sitting for Jenn and Josh.

Intruducing Chubz the bulldog, Jax the chocolate lab and Coco the Mini Japanese ???. 

Jimi bought me an electric scooter for Florida. 
Along with his electric skateboard we will both have transportation when needed.

Jimi and I rode his motorcycle to Kearney for Starbucks and then met Jeff and Karen at the race trac in Lexington. It was a good time.

I started a large project laying rock along the edge of the house.

I caught this little cutie taking pictures of herself with my phone.  Too funny!

Aubree in the back yard with Sammy the cat.

Grandpa is playing the Aubree in the sanctuary.

I made a trip to Greely staying with Brenda Friday night. Saturday I drove to Denver for Summer's baby shower.

I plan to go see her again next year.

Monday, August 2, 2021

Fun in July

After returning home from Alaska, I had a full schedule. 

This was Aubree's cheerleading performance.

 We went to the rodeo with Jeff and Karen.

We took Aubree to the county fair and watched the demolition derby. 
She wasn't too interested in the derby nor did she really like the cotton candy, but she LOVED the rides.
We had such a blast with her.

Aubree loves her Moose backpack from Alaska.

Aubree was one tired girl. We wore her out this weekend.