Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!!

Dear Friends and Family,

Holy cow - a lot has happened in the past three weeks and I kick myself for not writing sooner.

Tracy (Jimi's niece) had a birthday on April 5th. Happy Birthday Tracy!!

I spent April 7th through the 15th working in Texas, During my weekend there, I drove to San Antonio to visit long time friends; I had a wonderful afternoon with my best friend from high school Judy and lunch with Judy and her husband, Gary. Then I spent the evening with Sylvia (Judy's brother's wife) enjoying the San Antonio Riverwalk.

While I was out of town, Jimi laid new carpet and walnut hard wood flooring in the back porch. It was much needed and looks great.

I received another order for 24 greeting cards at a coffee shop here in Longmont. I continue to make cards and send out samples.

Jennifer's boyfriend, who lives in Chicago arrived on Friday for a 2+ week visit. We had them over for dinner and enjoyed a nice visit Saturday. We will spend more time with then while he is here. The plan is he will try to transfer his National Guard duty station to Longmont or Jennifer will move to Chicago.

Two weeks ago we received news that Jeff (Jimi's brother) collapsed at work and was taken to the hospital. With in a week of the incident, Jeff was on the operating table having open heart surgery. One of the valves in his heart had to be replaced. There were some complications a day after the surgery, but he seems to be doing well now and should be coming home in a few days.

Jimi and I went to the Pawnee Grasslands to camp overnight. We usually sleep in the back of the truck, but this trip we took the car and Jimi talked me in to sleeping on the ground. It was cold, but I got through it. The smell of the campfire made it all worthwhile. We roasted turkey brats and corn on the cob for supper and scrambled eggs on the fire for breakfast the next morning.  Lol

We watched the "Roots" series and began "Gone With The Wind".

Now for the big news - Jimi signed a contract with buyers on his house today; and we are on the fast track. The buyers want to close and take possession by May 20th. We have a lot to do in less than four weeks. This is an exciting time, as we finally move forward.

I will make an effort to write more often to keep you updated.

Happy Easter!

Love everybody,

Lorie & Jimi

Friday, April 1, 2011

Introducing Mr & Mrs Faber

Dear Friends and Family,

Last Monday through Thursday was the 'same as always' - blah blah blah, but after months of trying to talk Jimi in to going to Chicago for Tom and Tracy's wedding, just five days before the wedding, he gave in. I was ecstatic and so were the Chicago clan.

We left Friday morning for the 16 hour drive stopping in Davenport to sleep overnight and finally arriving at Jeff's house at noon on Saturday. It was rush rush and we were thrown in to help with preparations. The wedding was at 5:30 in the evening, small, but perfect; I'm so happy for Tom and Tracy. Another great surprise was that Jimi's father came. This is the first time in 25 years Dad (Ron), Jeff, and Jimi have been together. It was so great. With Karen, Bob, Michelle, Tom, Tracy, Tommy Jr, and myself, the entire Nicolaus family was together. It was really neat. We failed to get a full family picture, because so much was going on; however, we did get a four generation picture and a proud picture of Dad and his boys. It was a night we will never forget and always cherish.

We headed home Sunday morning stopping to spend the night at my mom and dads and then finishing our journey to Longmont on Monday. It was a really fast trip, but so worth it.

These past few days have been back to the ole' blah, blah, blah - ha ha. It's really just work and no play. I've painted everyday producing some worthy canvases and some not so worthy canvases - the practice continues. Jimi spends all his time studying anything and everything he can regarding sailing. Jimi lowered the price of the house by 5k and the showings came to a halt. Weird - huh? I think I've said it before, we are in a rut. It's so hard to stay optimistic in our situation. I think we both simply try to stay as busy as possible.

That's all for now. We hope all is well with you.

Love Everybody,

Lorie & Jimi