Friday, March 31, 2023

Done with Chemo

I completely missed a post for February. Not much happened. I started the next chemo meds, taxol. It's going very well. The worst thing I've experienced is neuropathy. The doctors say it could be permanent or it could go away in time.

Since I haven't been sick, I've gone back to church full time, started attending another womans bible study and have been back at me embroidery ad sewing machines.

Aubree's birthday was March 1st. We all took her to the Mexican resturant in Alma.

Jenn also had a birthday party in Norton for her.

What a great day to celebrate.
I finished chemo!
Jenn, Josh and Aubree surprised me and we went for a celebritory drink afterwords.

Brittany sent me a rose to congratulate me.