Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Time with friends

Dear Friends and Family,

My last email was about our wedding, but I also wanted to write you about our visitors. Twenty-two people came to visit, which was really great. People arrived daily beginning on Monday, October 31st and the last guest left on Saturday, November 12th.
While our visits were limited with trying to prepare for November 5th, we managed to do some sight seeing at various beaches before the wedding and again after the wedding. We collected sea shells, explored wild life, and some snorkeled the reefs. Everyone got to see our boat, the Sanibel, and my two nieces were even able to hold a live alligator. His name is Tiny Turbo. He is 2 1/2 years old and about 4 feet long. I'm not sure how much he weighs.

We celebrated my sister, Marie's birthday on November 7th and my son, Daniel's birthday on November 10th. Although my father's birthday was in October, we presented him with his birthday gifts.

Our bachelor and bachelorette parties turned in to one big pre-party at our house on Friday night. We had drinks around a Bonn fire and stories were told to catch up with long time friends.

Jimi, Daniel and I went high speed four wheeling and then walked the swampy forest in search of alligators. We didn't find any alligators (thank goodness) but we did find some fresh tracks. We began following the tracks, but when they led in to the brush, we opted not to go (thanks goodness again).

We were so happy to see everyone, but it was very hard to give any kind of one on one attention to each person. We are hoping and planning for future individual visits.

We are now returning to our normal routine. All the rigging that was ordered came in, so Jimi will be busy with that project. I have two weeks worth of work to catch up on, as well as thank you cards to make and preparing for the coming Holidays. Busy busy we will be.

Love everyone,

Lorie & Jimi

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The knot is tied

Dear Friends and Family,

Our wedding was amazing; of course, what bride doesn't say that? Even more amazing were our friends and family. It meant the world to us that each one of them traveled such long distances to spend our special day with us.

We set up a homemade bamboo arch draped with white fabric and tropical blue ribbon. Blue and orange homemade paper flowers scattered about lined a path to the arch preceded with a couple of tiki torches. Jennifer and Daniel escorted me down the sandy beach to the arch where they left me by Jimi's side. I wore my grandmother's 'old' earrings, a 'new' white sundress, 'borrowed' white flip flops, and a 'blue' shell choker with matching anklet. Jimi wore a pair of black and white swim trunks with a white button up collared shirt. Our attendants were Tammy as my Matron of Honor and Jeff as the Best Man. The sound of the waves was our music, Our guests stood all around us snapping pictures, taking in the moment and of course some were sobbing.

After the ceremony our friend, Brad, was gracious enough to take pictures of us and our family members. As soon as pictures were finished, Jimi swooped me up and ran me in to the ocean. The sun was warm and bright, but the water was a bit cold.

Our guests played on the beach and sat in the sand for the next few hours. The day turned out really nice. It was a bright sunny day. The sun kissed our skin softly and warmed our hearts.

We had the reception at our house in Englewood. Gregg and Tammy warmed the food and set everything up for us for our guests to arrive. My mother worked on the cake and cake table. We had a wonderful reception.

Our guests included

Family members:

Mom & Dad from Stamford, NE

Marie (my sister) from Beaver City, NE

Jacque (niece) and Brittany (great niece) from Loomis, NE

Jennifer (daughter) from Longmont, CO

Daniel (son) from Anchorage, AK

Jeff (brother) and Karen (sister in law) from Round Lake, IL

Robert (nephew) and Michelle (nephew's wife) from Chicago, IL


Gregg & Tammy Risedorf from Mead, CO

Brad & Ellen Cole from Englewood, CO

Matt Williams from Ann Arbor, MI

Vicki Branaghan from Thornton, CO

Corey, Dena, Alexis & Dalton Mayo from Waco, TX

A very special thank to everyone for coming to visit and making our day even that much more meaningful.

An extra special thanks to the following:

Mom & Dad for bringing chairs, coolers, and other supplies. For all their love, support and help throughout.

Mom for making our cakes.

Marie, Jacque, and Brittany for helping with cleaning and the set up, including food preparation.

Tammy and Gregg for taking charge where needed and preparing for the reception, cooking the mashed potatoes, and just everything.

Mom & Daniel for directing the pictures.

Jennifer for fixing my hair.

Brad for being our 'last minute' photographer.

Ellen for talking to the hotel manager.

I know I assigned little jobs here and there to many other people, whom I may have forgotten to mention. However, I hope they know how much we really do appreciate everything.

Jimi and I realize we are both so fortunate to have such wonderful people in our lives. Thank you to all!!

Here are a few pictures.

Love Everybody,

Lorie & Jimi