Tuesday, March 30, 2021



It feels like we had a busy March or at least I just got a lot of pictures. And we had many visitors. First on the guest list was this deer that seems to be hanging out in out back yard more often than not. 

Aubree came to stay with me for a few days and in addition my great great niece, just two months old came for a visit and Aubree got to hold baby Zayleigh. She was so excited.

Of course - puppy dog pancakes for breakfast.

Our new toy has something like 1800 games. So overwhelming, but so so fun.

I made birthday cupcakes for Aubree's birthday party and she helped me decorate them.

She liked her alphabet quilt.

I received my second shot. 

Over the past three years I've worn out the mechanics on my embroidery foot - no problem though - I just ordered a new one and it's on the way.

Jimi decided we should buy and install solar panels. He found an outstanding deal and drove to Texas to pick them up. Next step will be installation.

Jimi ordered me a helmet for our upcoming motorcycle trip.