Thursday, January 31, 2019

Happy New Year


For this blog I decided to show the distance between our family during the winter months. 
While you all know that Jimi and I spend the winters in Florida on our beloved Sanibel, Jennifer and Aubree are half way across the country in Kansas/Nebraska and Daniel is even further away in Alaska.

Here is a picture of our daughter, Jennifer and granddaughter, Aubree will be two in March and I am counting the days until we head back to Nebraska and I can spend the summer with her.
They say "Happy New Year"

Meanwhile in Alaska, this our son, Daniel. He loves it up there. We've tried over and over to get him to move to the lower 48, but so far no go. However, a mother never gives up.

 Daniel's four-wheeling buddies.

For the first week in January I had to fly to McAllen, Texas for work. This is my looong time co-worker, Keith and I on the airplane.