Monday, October 31, 2022

Another Surgery

Doctor Maxwell called asking that we come all the way to Omaha to discuss the pathology results of my surgery. I knew something must have been wrong if she wanted me to drive 3+ hours just for that.

The results of the pathology report shows cancer cells all the way to the edge of the tissue removed. This is cause to think that some cancer still exists.
I will go back into surgery on Thursday, October 13th to have more tissue removed.
Of the 5 lymph nodes they removed, two were cancerous.
The pathology from the lump and the pathology from the lymph nodes match indicating that the cancer in the lymph nodes did indeed come from the breast and was not a separate cancer. This is good!
I’m still considered stage 2. This is still completely treatable.
They are sending the lump to a special lab in California. Results will determine if I will have chemotherapy.
Dr Maxwell said my incision areas look great. The worst part is discomfort from fluid build up (called seroma).

On October 12th, Jimi and I left Alma early this morning for my annual MS MRIs and MS Dr appointment.
These appointments are routine for me and I’ve never had an issues or any reason for anxiety.
My Dr usually orders three sets of MRIs without and with contrast. They take about an hour and a half. So, I was pleasantly surprised when I was told that Dr Arcot only ordered one scan without and with contrast. Only 25 minutes.
The bad news is the contrast they injected missed the vein and went into the tissue of my arm. My arm blew up like a balloon (felt more like it then it looked).
I had little use of either arm. Both arms are painful and swollen. They said my right arm should be back to normal by tomorrow. It’s already looking and feeling better minus the bruising.
My appointment with Dr Arcot went well. The MRI scan did show a lesion increase in size. He wants to keep an eye on it. But since I haven’t had any clinical relapses, he’s not too worried but he does want scans again next year but agreed to do only without contrast. Yay.
He also wants to keep me on the same medication given my unknown upcoming cancer treatments. We’ll revisit medication next year.
While I did have good outcome with Dr Arcot and the staff at Nebraska Med is always caring and professional, I was drained.

The October 13th surgery went well.
Dr Maxwell wants me to move my left arm a little more with some stretches. She’s concerned I’m not moving it enough and will cause permanent mobility issues from the scar tissue. Other wise everything looks great and she’s confident she removed plenty of tissue.
The pathology reports should be back in a few days.
NO post surgery nausea this time. They changed the anesthetic medication (IV only) and omitted the gas. I’m so grateful!
Next appointments will be post surgery follow up with Dr Maxwell and discussion for medical treatment with Dr Yellala in 2 weeks.

On a lighter note: October is Pastor appreciation month. I made laprobe quilts for Pastor Jay and Sally. Ashley presented the quilts to them in church for me.

At some point suring the month, Jenn and I took Aubree to the pumpkin patch in Beaver City. I was still a little sore from surgery and was extra careful.

My friend Brenda has been playing a big role in my cancer journey so far. We talk almost everyday and most days it's more then every day. She came from Colorado to visit me and help after surgery.

Aubree is ready for Halloween.