Thursday, June 30, 2022


Zayleigh just relaxing in Aubree's chair.

Jenn and Josh came home. Josh, being drunk, was trying to tickle Jenn and knocked the couch over. Of course, Josh denies everything, but I saw it wil my own two eye and it's clear in this picture who the culprit is. All in good fun.

Jimi and I are headed to Red Rocks in Colorado for a concert, a motorcycle trip and a nice get away.

Zayleigh loves those icee pops

My flowers are doing great again this year.

Such joy whenever I get to bring this cutie home.

Grandpa made her a huge slip n slide in the front yard.

You may have seen her in my February post. Jackie and Brenda stayed with us in Sanibel in Florida for a week in February. That was here last trip before the cancer decided to take her.

Lost another dear friend to cancer tonight. Jackie had a beautiful soul. She was kind hearted, always positive, and such a joy to be around. She will be missed, but my comfort is knowing she is singing for Jesus with the angels now. Peace be with you Jackie Anderson- Kelso.
And peace with your family and loved ones.

She wrote:
Don't cry for me.
I will be okay.
Heaven is my home now,
and this is where I'll stay.
Don't cry for me.
I'm where I belong.
I want you to be happy
and try to stay strong.
Don't cry for me.
It was just my time,
but I will see you someday
on the other side.
Don't cry for me.
I am not alone.
The angels are with me
to welcome me home.
Don't cry for me,
for I have no fear.
All my pain is gone,
and Jesus took my tears.
Don't cry for me.
This is not the end.
I'll be waiting here for you
when we meet again.
Jackie passed tonight peacefully, surrounded by her family.
Arrangements will be announced at a later time.
💗 Jackie Anderson-Kelso February 4, 1966 - June 22, 2022 💗