Sunday, April 27, 2008

Good -n- Busy


Hello All,


Well, I started my new job at Crocs last Monday. The week went very well. I see light at the end of the tunnel that I may actually enjoy it and be capable of doing a good job there. The only issue I foresee at this point is I will certainly be putting in more than 40 hours a week, which I am not too happy about. But, it's a paycheck and medical insurance. Medical insurance will kick in on July 1st for us. And according to my mortage broker, I can now refinance my house. This is great news! We will start that process in a couple of weeks.


Monday night I worked on Cencorp stuff. I decided not to drop my Math class. I have a 70% right now, so if I can get at least a 70 on my next test and on the final exam, I will be fine.


Tuesday night, Daniel and I built the addition to the deck in the back yard. I should have been doing homework, but I was excited about having the lumber and wanted to get the deck built. It looks great. I'll send pictures when I get a chance. And the guy who bought the washer and dryer came over to pick them up.


Wednesday night I went to crochet and tried to do a little bit of homework, but was unsuccessful. Daniel built the stairs to the addition on the deck while I was at crochet. Tammy Reasoner came to blows with Mike and was at my house when I got home. She brought margaritas over and stayed until 11pm. I was exhausted.


Thursday night was our Founder's Day for Sorority. The evening was fun. We honored Miia as our Girl of the Year. I was beat by the time I got home though.


By Friday, my house was a disaster and I had loads of homework to do. I tried to clean house and do laundry, as well as complete some homework. But, I had hurt my back earlier in the week and had a hard time doing anything. Jimi and Daniel rode rest of the way down the river on their raft and I picked them up at I25. We laid around rest of the night.


Saturday morning we did our usual. We went for coffee and then cooked breakfast. Around noon Jimi, Daniel, and I helped Tammy Reasoner and her boyfriend, Greg, move out of Mike's house. Except that Jimi forbid to let me help because of my back. I helped a little when he wasn't looking, but I also got caught and he then made me follow him around so I wouldn't lift anything. I thought it was kind of cute. Mike and Tammy's divorce is getting pretty nasty. It was 4:30 before we were done and again, I tried to do homework, but never did complete any. Jimi and I watched a Johnny Cash Video, which was about 3 hours long. We basically laid around rest of the day. Daniel stayed the night at Jesse's house and Jennifer hung out with one of her friends for a while.


Sunday, Jimi worked on his yard and I finally completed a good amount of homework. I cleaned Cencorp and went home to do more homework.


I registered for my summer and fall classes this week. Even though I really wanted to get this set of classes done by December, which would mean taking 4 classes each semester like I am doing now, I have decided to lighten my load. I think I could do it, if it were my only priority, but it isn't like it used to be; we have too many weekend activities. Anyhow, I signed up for 3 classes this summer. They are all on-line: I will be taking Macroeconomics, Sociology, and the next level of Math.


 Jimi paid for our plane tickets, hotel and rental car for Hawaii. I don't think it has set in with us yet, as he was the only one really excited about it. He's been on the internet all weekend making plans, etc. for our trip. It's cute. We leave Denver on Monday August 12th, and return home on Tuesday, August 19th.


I am beginning to prepare for our annual memorial day barbeque. This will be our 4th year doing it.


My back still hurts. It's not the spine, but just muscles. It felt better earlier today, but is beginning to ache now. Anyhow, time to get ready for the work week. It's going to be a busy one. Talk to you later.


Love Everyone,


Monday, April 21, 2008

Last week at BSC


Hello All,


I went into work an hour late on Monday morning, as I had some errands to run. Unfortunately, I hate to admit that I had short-timers syndrome, but I did. Monday evening I went to a sorority meeting. Several of our members are taking a leave of absence, and in fact it crossed my mind as well. But, I will stay active and continue to be the ECC rep for next year. I did however ask for a leave of absence from secret sisters. I do not want to have one. Everyone agreed that I could be left out of the drawing.


Tuesday morning I went to work as scheduled and around 11am, I finally received a confirmed start date at Crocs. I start Monday morning. Anyhow, I called the temp agency and told them that Friday would be my last day at Boulder Scientific. They called me back an hour or so later and told me that they left Roy a message. About that same time Roy came into my office and asked me for some reports, which I provided him, But he said nothing about my leaving - no conversation or acknowledgement - nothing. Rest of the day he did not say one word to me and in fact, he avoided me, even when it came time to have my time card signed. Michael signed it for me. Just after lunch, I overheard Michael and Roy talking and got the impression that Tuesday would be my last day rather than Friday. So I emailed the temp agency to see if that was really the case. Conveniently enough they did not get back to me until 4pm and told me that Roy did not want me to finish the week. Now why can't people be honest? And why did he act so badly towards me? I would have thought I personally wronged him by the way he acted. I just don't get it. The man is NOT professional nor does he have an ounce of good management skills. It bothered me quite a bit, but I am over it now. I was ecstatic to have rest of the week off.


Tammy Reasoner applied for the accounts payable job there and had her interview on Tuesday, which went very well. She came over on Tuesday night and we drank margaritas and basically got drunk. I was celebrating my termination at BSC and she was celebrating her interview. Her boyfriend Greg came over for a while too. He is rooming with my neighbor, Travis, across the street.


Wednesday morning I took the kids to school. Then I went to Cencorp to talk to Tom for a bit. Then I went to the coffee shop to hit the books. I felt I would be more likely to get more done there rather than getting distracted at home. Jimi came to the coffee shop for a bit and did some work then left and a bit later Juraj and Janna came in for a while. It was nice having company. I picked the kids up for lunch and then took them back to school. I had just under two hours before they got out of school for the day, so I went to Jimi's house and worked on my essay. He was still in the garage working on his bike. He is modifying the seat and pegs for us. He is adding a back for me, so I will be more comfortable on long rides. He is adding hard bags on each side, and had to move my foot pegs so they would fit. He also had to move the turn signals and the exhaust. He is doing an excellent job.We went home for a bit and that night and then I went to crochet.


Thursday I hung out at Cencorp instead of the coffee shop. The plan was I could use their wireless to get my homework done, except Jeff (the IT guy) locked it and told no one the password) Tom and I were pretty pissed. I did manage to get dome done, but not as much as I had planned. We had a BBQ and Jimi and the kids came too. After school we went home for the evening.


Friday I did stay at Cencorp all day all alone and got an amazing amount of work done.. Friday night we invited Janna and Juraj over. We played games and socialized.


Saturday I worked around the house and did a lot of yard work. Jimi was at home working on his motorcycle, We were suppose to ride the bike to Denver to visit our friends, Brad and Ellen, but Jimi poked a hole in the oil pan on his bike trying to change the oil It's a $360.00 part. I have never seen him so mad before. But we took the car to Denver and we had a nice evening.


On Sunday I went to Boulder and picked up a FREE yard swing. The frame is near perfect. The seat needs some attention, but I was so very happy. I also, finally, sold my little washer and dryer. And I bought all the supplies to add to my deck. Jimi, Daniel, and I went on a late afternoon hike. We found a raft in the river and the boys floated down the middle of the river on it while I followed along the bank. I wanted to get on with them, but I carried all the cell phones and wallets. We didn't want to risk falling in and getting our phones wet. Afterwards Jimi wanted to go for a "family" dinner. He's so funny sometimes. The four of us went to Carinos. I then cleaned Cencorp and we all went home to get ready for Monday.


I am excited about starting my new job tomorrow, but I am also very nervous that I won't do a good job. I'll tell ya Roy at BSC really did a number on my self esteem. I'll keep you informed, week by week. Ha-ha.


Love Everybody,


Monday, April 14, 2008

Good News Week


Hello all,


What a turn this week brought. I have some news as you will read below.


Juraj and Janna arrived safely last Monday afternoon. When Jimi, Jennifer, and Daniel got home from school and I got home from work, we all went out to dinner. Afterward, the kids and I went home so Janna and Juraj could get settled in at Jimi's. At home I worked on Cencorp stuff until bed time. I was feeling particularly overwhelmed and anxious. What I am doing now is nothing more than I have been able to handle in the past. The only differences are how much I HATE my job and that the kids are teenagers now. I decided something had to change or I was going to have some type of breakdown. I couldn't really do anything about the kids, so I decided that until I find a new job, I was going to work less hours by taking time off anytime I needed it (and not worry about it) to ease some stress. The only reason I have not just quit my job is because I am trying to be responsible. I used to get mad at Jim Sullivan for just quiting his jobs and not trying to stick it out until he found another. I don't want to be the "kettle that called the pot black".


Tuesday morning I stayed home until 11:30 and did a lot of Cencorp work. I am beginning to get caught up. The week prior I had applied for a job through a recruiter and they scheduled me for an interview on Wednesday, but he wanted to meet with me first. So I met with him at noon and then went to work. Work was not too bad - I survived it anyhow.

Tuesday night I stayed at home, but honestly I can not remember what I did. I know I didn't do homework, nor did I work on Cencorp stuff. I do remember cleaning the living room and doing laundry. Oh well... I must have been pretty relaxed.


I also took Wednesday morning off of work, because the kids had a late start at school. I worked on Cencorp stuff until 9:45, which is when we left the house and then I went to work. I did all my reports for month end, etc. etc.and then I had to leave work at 2:30 for my interview. My interview was at the company Crocs. I met with two guys. The assistant controller and the Sr reporting analyst. I was interviewing for the Jr reporting analyst, which is not an accounting job but requires accounting experience. The interview went pretty well. By the time I got back to Jimi's house (to pick up the kids), which took about 15 minutes, they had already called the recruiter to set up a second interview. Evidently they thought it went well also. I did not go to crochet that night, rather I stayed home and tried to do homework - but was unsuccessful at it. I couldn't concentrate. I think I ended up just kind of sitting around.


Thursday I worked a full day at work. When I picked the kids up, Jimi told me he was coming over. I said ok, but I have an E.C.C. meeting at my house, which is a representative from each of the five Longmont sorority chapters. We were finalizing the plans for Founder's Day. He said the ladies wouldn't bother him - he's such a sport. The meeting went longer than I was hoping, but we got through it. I did some homework for a while before going to bed.


Friday morning I went to work like normal and worked most of the day. I had to leave at 3pm for my second interview, but did not tell my boss this time. I put it on the company calender and then said "have a nice weekend" on my way out. I know he doesn't really care: all my work was done, I'm paid by the hour, so he is saving money, and he has said in the past that I should never worry about taking time off, as long as the work is done. But I did feel a little guilty about it. My interview this time was with the Controller. It also went well. He had a sense of humor and we seemed to make a connection. He told me I would probably hear something next week. Which I was thinking 'great, I have to go the whole weekend before I know anything". Anyhow, Jimi and Daniel were home (Mead) already by the time I got there. We talked a while about my interview and the company then I changed clothes and sat my behind on the couch for a long night of homework: it was catch-up time. While we were sitting on the couch I kept hearing a vibrating noise and then it would stop. Fifteen minuted later I was hearing it again. It was driving me nuts..and then suddenly...I was my phone in my purse, which was hanging on the staircase banister behind me. I ran for it, but missed the call and had two voice messages. Both messages were from the recruiter wanting me to call him as soon as possible. Of course by now it was later and he was no longer in the office, but he left me his cell number and wanted me to call him back. I did and he told me that Crocs offered me the job.  I couldn't believe it. I was ecstatic. They are going to give me a offer letter in writing on Monday. At that time we will decide when I start and when I will tell Roy (my current boss) that I quit. I am hoping I will like it and do well at Crocs. If so, then I think this will be what I need to turn my attitude around. You can go to their website to see their different styles of shoes. . Jimi and I wanted to celebrate. We thought about going to dinner, but I really needed to stay home and do homework. We thought about going down to the saloon for a quick cocktail, but he had just eaten a bunch of cookies and milk and his tummy was in no shape for alcohol. So, we did nothing. We'll celebrate later.


Saturday was suppose to be all mine. Jennifer was in Longmont. Jimi and Daniel went snowboarding and were not gonna be home until 4pm. Yet, it all changed. Jennifer called me at 9:30 wanting to be picked up, so I did. Then Jimi and Daniel got home at noon. Oh well, I tried to do homework but it was really hard to concentrate. Finally about 3pm Jimi said he was going into Longmont, but Daniel was still at home. He was bored and being annoying. I worked on homework until 5 and surprisingly managed to get it all done. That evening we all went out to dinner to celebrate my new job. Then we watched the movie "300" for an essay I have to write in my Humanities class.


Sunday we fixed the entire North side of the fence. My neighbor Dean came out to help and even paid for half of it. We worked on that from 10am to 2:30pm. Jimi and I rode his motorcycle till 5:30, went back to his house to sit in the hot tub, and then went to the Tap House for a beer with Janna and Juraj. I finally got home around 8:30, but on the way I got Dairy Queen for the kids. I was beat so I did a little Cencorp work and then vegged on the couch.


With my new job, I guess there will be no more doing homework at work, in fact I think I really will have to work now...he-he. I am told that the days are going to fly by because I will be so busy. I am nervous and excited. I remember how excited I was to go to work for Boulder Scientific back in November. I thought things were going to be great. But Jimi says he has a feeling about this job at Crocs. I'm trying to look at it like Boulder Scientific was a stepping stone for me until the job at Crocs came open. This is not a temp to hire job. They are hiring me directly through the recruiter. I'm not sure how much they have to pay the recruiter for finding me, but we are thinking it must be at least a $1000. I do  not have the low down on benefits yet, but I also think we will have insurance beginning May 1st. You don't know what a relief this is for me.


Anyhow, I only have four weeks of school left this semester. I am really struggling in one of my classes and have to decide by next Monday if I am going to drop it or not.

After talking to my mother and sister, I have decided to walk at the commencement for the degree I earned last August. It will be held May 14th at 7pm. It sucks that it is a Wednesday night.


Next week I will give you more details on my job and school.


Love Everybody,


Monday, April 7, 2008

No kids for five days - I'd like an instant replay please


Hello Everyone,


Another week gone by...and spring is coming. I know I'm ready, although warmer weather usually means more home repairs and yard work.


Last week was NICE...after I got over being alone on the first day, I was fine rest of the week. Everyday, I went to work and then went home. Monday and Tuesday nights I should have worked on homework, but didn't. I scrap booked instead. I had been up to nearly midnight both Sunday and Monday nights, so I thought I would crawl into bed early on Tuesday. It was about 9:20 and since it was so early I felt guilty putting the dogs in the crate, so I let them lay in bed with me. About 9:23 we heard someone at the front door. I was on alert, but had not freaked yet. It was, then right away, that I heard toe nails prancing across my wood floors. That sound is unmistakable. It was Miller. It took a while before I saw Jimi's face though. He didn't think I was home because the house was dark. He had gotten out of class early and decided to come over to keep me company except that he wasn't feeling good and I was tired; therefore, neither one of us were much company. It was nice being together though, since we really don't see much of each other during the week.


Wednesday, I went to crochet and then went home. Still didn't do any homework and began feeling myself fall behind.


Thursday after work I did come home and do homework. I got quite a bit done. Jimi and I met at Perkins for coffee and pie at 9pm, which is something we can't normally do when the kids are home.


Friday, I left work at 1:30 and headed for the Loveland Airport to pick Jennifer and Daniel up. They had a nice trip. Daniel is planning to spend the summer with his father, which will be good for him. Jennifer is considering moving there, which is fine with me. She didn't see much of her father during her trip, as she went with her grandma and grandpa to Phoenix for a few days. She complained to me a lot about her grandmother and I know she complained to her grandmother and her father about me. Teenage girls...Lord help me survive, please? That evening, Ray (Jenn's boyfriend) came over. They played cards and board games on the living room floor. Daniel and friend, Jesse, were in and out of the house doing what they do. Jimi and I played chess and did tequila shots. Oh ya, and I managed to squeeze in a little homework.


Saturday morning I diligently worked on homework and then Daniel, Jimi, and I went snowboarding. We dropped Jennifer off at Ray's house on the way. I didn't have as much fun as the prior week. All the lifts I normally go on were closed down, so I went on another blue lift, but it was way too hard for me. I ended up scooting down on my butt, and actually that was great. I hung out with a guy also learning like I am. He found the run to be a bit to challenging as well and also skidded down the mountain on his butt. We ended up going back to the green lifts. A few hours later Jimi and Daniel found me and we headed for home. Ray came over again that night. Jimi cooked elk steak on the grill and I made homemade mashed potatoes. It was Yummy. I did a little homework and a little scrap booking, while Jimi worked on his computer and Daniel and Jesse played Chess. Jennifer and Ray just sat around.


Sunday was very productive. I made excellent biscuits and sausage gravy for breakfast. Jimi and I went to the hardware store to purchase supplies to repair my back fence and gate. I needed to replace one panel and the gate. We reused as many of the old pickets as possible, but as we put up the new pickets we alternated them. That section is the coolest looking fence in town. I'll try to remember to send a picture. Then we loaded a bunch of old lumber and weeds in his truck and took them to the dump. Next it was off to his house. His friend, Juraj and wife Janna, are moving back to Colorado. Juraj moved to New York about two years ago. They are moving in with Jimi until they can find jobs and a place to live. We worked together and cleaned his house from top to bottom. We had a great time doing it. It took us about 4 hours. After, I went home to finish up last minute homework assignments, cleaned my house a bit, and did some laundry. Daniel and I sat in the hot tub. I was completely beat.


This week looks pretty full. Janna and Juraj should arrive today sometime. I have a goal to have my fence completely repaired by the end of the month, which means that I will be working on it every weekend. The south and west sides are in tip-top shape, but the north side is very sad. I'm not planning on going snowboarding anymore this season, although Jimi and Daniel may go. Daniel still has one pass left to use up.


And oh ya, I am still actively looking for more satisfying employment.


Love Everyone,