Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Dear Friends and Family,

I didn't really think I had much to report for last week, but as time goes by I realize I better write something.

I picked Jennifer up from the airport just after 7pm last Friday evening. She was discharged from the Army because of depression and having multiple stress fractures in both feet. Now she will have to figure out what she is going to do and how she will support herself. We told her she could stay here without paying rent until we leave, but she would have to find a job and buy her own necessities. She's turned in her applications at a few places and has had one interview at Lowes, with a promise of a second. Yesterday she made arrangements to 'rent' a room from a friend in exchange for help with the kids and around the house. I'm glad she's out on her own. I really think it will be good for her and be more motivating than to stay under our wings.

I attended the Valentines luncheon on Saturday with my old sorority group, Epsilon Pi. We had two showings on the house Saturday, and Jimi met with our Realtor on Monday to lower the selling price by $10k, now at $199,900.00.

We celebrated Valentines Day on Saturday night. Valentines has never really been our Holiday, but this year was an exception. We had the most wonderful evening. We went to dinner at Japango (a sushi restaurant in Boulder) and then spent rest of the evening with each other - talking and hanging out without computers and TVs. We had agreed not to exchange gifts this year, but I woke up to a dozen red roses and Lindt Lindor Truffles Monday morning. He is such a sweetheart. I surprised him with a dozen coupons of special things. It was an awesome Holiday.

Since Jimi worked on Monday night, Jennifer and I went to Red Lobster for dinner. It was also a lovely evening.

Other than Jennifer coming home and Valentines Day, our week was uneventful. We gone for several long walks every day that we can. We find ourselves walking all over town and we enjoy it. Otherwise, we work and work some more. We watch movies at times. I started painting again, I scrapbook, and make greetings cards. Jimi does research on boats, weather patterns/signs, and whatever else he comes across to help us in our future endeavor.

I'm not sure if I will continue writing every week. I don't want to bore you and lately we've been pretty boring. We work, walk, and have a showing now and then. It's not that fun to write about and certainly not fun to read about. So, until we do something that we think you really want to hear about, I will only write here -n- there.

That's all for now. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!

Love everybody,

Lorie & Jimi