Friday, September 30, 2022

Surgery and Pumpkin Patch

So far to get to this point I've had numerous mammograms, biopsys, Doctor appointments and a breast MRI. Finally surgery in scheduled.

I went in the day before surgey to have a radioactive seed placed. It was on September 28th in Omaha at the Fred and Pamela Buffet Center.

Surgery was September 29th, very early in the morning. Everything went well.

They removed 5 lymph nodes, the markers and the radioactive seed. They also performed reconstructive surgery at the same time. I haven’t seen the incisions yet but can see one is right in the bra line and another in the arm pit. I’ll be able to remove these bandages in 48 hours to shower. I have to wear this special bra for two weeks which is when my follow up is scheduled and I should receive the pathology reports.

I had some problems while coming out of the anesthesia. The nurses said it was normal and I did great but I think they were just being nice and I was my typical baby self when I’m in pain. Haha. I was having dry heaves, nausea, shaking legs and panic attacks that came and went. They lasted a few hours and then I was finally able to keep some ice chips and soda crackers down.

I’m doing very well now. A little discomfort but nothing bad. I’ll start over the counter pain medication rotation as soon as I sit down to make up a schedule (it’s in my to-do list). Lol
This picture was this morning right before we went in to surgery.

Earlier in the month Jimi and I took Aubree to the pumpkin patch.