Monday, March 21, 2011

Home again

Dear Friends and Family,

Again, it's been two weeks since we've written. Not a lot has happened during this time, but enough so that it is time to write.

The showings on the house have continued to increase. In the last two weeks, we've had nearly a dozen. Our Realtor says that with this kind of showing activity, we should be seeing an offer soon - we certainly hope so.

I spent the last two weeks in Texas getting additional training on the new software system, as well as some other instruction. I enjoy going to McAllen, Texas because the weather is so nice, being away from home I get to do things like allot of reading, but most of all I get access to the awesome gym equipment at the hotel. I just love doing aerobic walking while I'm watching my favorite shows. My mind focuses on the shows and I don't even realize I'm out of breath, that I'm sweating badly, or that my body is aching. While there, I went in to Mexico with some friends. We enjoyed shopping, lunch and margaritas. 

My flight home was scheduled to leave McAllen at 6am on the 18th, which means I would have been home by 10:30am; however, none of that happened. During the plane's inspection, something on the aircraft was broken. The airline attendant made an announcement that the flight would be delayed an hour. This meant I would miss my connection in Dallas, so I got it rescheduled. Then about 30 minutes later, the airline attendant announced that the plane could not be fixed and would need a new part. The part would be flown in on the next incoming flight, which was scheduled to arrive at 10:30; again I had to change my connection. Then about 11:30 the airline attendant announced that the flight was delayed until 9pm. Finally I rescheduled for an entirely different flight which left at 3:30pm and I arrive home at almost 9pm that night. I was exhausted, but grateful. These things are to be expected when traveling and I had plenty to keep me busy while waiting around at the airport.

Jimi and Matt went to Moab, Utah to visit the Anasazi ruins for a few days. They camped by night enjoying the cool evening air and explored the ruins by day. Jimi was able to do some photography in the mornings. Attached is a picture he took of the Anasazi ruins appropriately name “house of fire”. 

This past Saturday, Jimi and I spent the entire day together. We slept in. He made us a delicious breakfast, We ran a few errands during a house showing. Then we set off for a long walk stopping to check on my cards at the coffee shop, stopping at a rent to own store (I'm looking for an elliptical or a treadmill to rent or borrow until we leave), and then we stopped by the Restore. At Restore, Jimi found two light fixtures, a large 12 volt cooler, and I found the Torso Track 2. Yes, we had to carry all these items home and none of them were small. That in itself was a good workout. After looking through all of our goodies, we laid a blanket on the grass in the back yard. We laid on the blanket soaking up the sun and beautiful weather, while Jimi read to me about the Ft Myers and Sanibel Island area. It was a beautiful day. Afterwards, we did our respective workouts, we went to the grocery store, and then watched a movie. It's great to be home.

Sunday, I found myself quit sore from my workout and didn't do a whole lot; I laid around and rested mostly. Jimi worked on and around the house. He also hooked up a TV to the exercise bike, so I can continue my workouts at home. He's such a sweetheart.

That's all for now. I am home for a few weeks.

Love everybody,

Lorie & Jimi

Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's been two weeks

Dear Friends and Family,

It's been two weeks since we've written and we have actually done a few things.

We have had about seven showings over the last two weeks. This is a really good sign. The market and interest level has certainly picked up. We are so anxious about moving on, Jimi is considering lowering the price on the house again. We'll not be too hasty though.

We had dinner with friends Jason and Vicki a week and a half ago. After dinner, Jimi and I stayed to play several hours of pool. We both did quite well and had a really great time.

We continue long walks anywhere from a short mile to four or five. The weather here has been really nice, therefore, we take advantage of being outdoors as much as possible.

I began painting again. Something I haven't done since before Thanksgiving. I have painted five canvases: giving away three. I get discouraged sometimes when something doesn't turn out well enough.

I sold my first order of custom cards making $22 and received another order worth $30. I have cards placed in one coffee shop in Longmont selling for $3 each and the potential of another coffee shop. I mailed out 24 samples to 12 businesses in the area today hoping to get my product out there and generate more orders. If you know anyone who may be interested in custom greeting cards of all occasions, please give them my email address and/or phone number. 303.351.2324. Currently I have 20+ different designs. I can supply pictures of these and send samples to potential clients. Business is good and I am excited to grow it.

Jimi picked up a free gym set off Craig's List. He set it up in the basement and uses it quite often. It's a pretty nice set with nearly a dozen different exercises with weights.

Now that we have dental insurance again, we both had dental appointments and we both had a couple of cavities. My experience did not go well and I have vowed to never have a cavity again. Lol

Jimi and I have spent the last two Saturdays in the mountains snow shoeing. It was awesome. The mountains are so beautiful and we will miss them when we leave. In places, the snow was six feet deep and in some places it was soft enough that Jimi would break through past his knees. We walked on frozen lakes, investigated beaver damns, followed rabbit foot prints, and more. It's so peaceful up there. I have attached some pictures for you. The snow was so soft on our way back to the truck that we decided to take the road. However, this idea wasn't any better. The winds were blowing 60 mph and I could not even stay standing let alone walk up the road. I stayed behind hunkered down in some trees on the side of the road while Jimi fought the winds to get to the truck and come get me. That was not so peaceful!

Last Wednesday I served on my first jury. It was a very interesting experience. There were six of us chosen and I was convinced it was an open/shut case. In fact, five of the six of us felt that way. But one member of the jury disagreed and we deliberated for more than five hours. I didn't get home until after 10pm that night. Anyhow, it is an experience everyone should have. I would do it again in a moments notice.

Jennifer and I went to dinner Thursday night; we had a nice time. She seems to be doing well. She likes her job and the people she works with, as well as the place she is living. She is still struggling with how she is going to get transportation.

Jimi took me to dinner on Saturday night, which was a nice surprise. With good food and good company, we had a great evening.

Sunday I joined my old sorority group to paint bowls for a local annual fund raiser called Empty Bowls. It's a great project and we had a great time. I've attached a picture for you.

Jimi will be home alone these next two weeks while I am in Texas on business. I don't expect anything on interest to happen to either one of us during this time, but maybe Jimi will sell the house while I am away. Keep your fingers crossed.

Happy March to all!

Love everybody,

Lorie & Jimi