Friday, December 31, 2021

December was BUSY!

 Grab a comfy seat, your favorite beverage and prepare to be wowed! December was packed with loads of fun and tons of pictures. I'll be keeping my writing to a minimum, because the pictures are worth a thousand words.

Jimi and I started the month by visiting our old stompin grounds in Key West and checking out other potential places for our upcoming guests along the Keys.

This is a local restaurant we're thinking of eating at one of these days.

Just having fun!

Cuban chug at a local cuban coffee shop in Marathon.

Cuban coffee in Islamerada at the large red lobster statue.

Cuban Coffee in Key West

Roosters roam the streets in Key West.

Pelicans fighting over the left over fish part from the fisherman's catch.

Tim and Jill on s/v Links invited us to go out to the reef with them. Also joining us was Sid and Michele on m/v Jubilee.
Tim and Sid took these underwater photos. Yes, the water really does look this good.

We helped the marina wrap presents and fill stockings for those spending Christmas alone. 

Meet Pickles. She's a pet chicken who belongs to Jessica and comes to work with her everyday.

We enjoyed early morning coffee in the cockpit and would often spot dolphins in the harbor.

I handed out Christmas cards, Christmas cookies and puppy treats to a dozen boats in the harbor. It's kind of a tradition Jimi and I started a while back.
Sanibel even had her own Christmas spirit this year.

We went to Castaways for dinner with Tim, Jill, Sid and Michele and look what we saw...a manatee getting a drink of fresh water. This was a real treat. I wouldn't have gotten in the dinghy to pet him, but since he was so close to it the prop could have injured him, so I didn't.

Someone in the harbor captured this picture of a dolphin behind Sanibel. 
This is a great photo - many thanks.

The boat parade was a hoot because at the last minute Jimi decided we should be in it. We threw a few lights on the dinghy and hopped in line. We played Christmas music for all the hear. Spectaters cheered us on with their waves and shouts of Merry Christmas.

Our first set of visitors arrived on December 22nd. Lydia and Liam are friends from Nebraska. We were so delighted they spent the week with us. 
We had a lot of fun and did a lot of things as you will see from the photos.

We spent two days in Key West.
Both times Jimi found us free parking.

That's Liam up in the tree.

Here are some various pictures from around the harbor.

We learned how to play pickle ball.

We took the scooter and skateboard to the skate park.

Game we played were farkle, balderdash and mexican train.

Jimi and Liams favorite thing to do was explore the abandoned island and wreck.

We went to the San Pablo church to view their spectacular Christmas light display.

We attended the marinas Christmas potluck dinner. I'm not sure of the final count, but I think nearly 100 people attended. I forgot to take pictures of the event, but did get a snapshot of us after we ate.

We motor sailed to the reef for the day. I didn't get in the water, but Jimi and Liam did. Lydia got in for a few minutes, but she was struggling with a bit of sea sickness.

An afternoon at the beach is always a good idea.

One of our favorite places to eat is Burdines - however there was over an hour wait to get seated.

Just before leaving for the airport we snapped a picture of the four of us together.

It was a fabulous visit for Jimi and I.

Our next set of visitors arrive on January 8th. I image we will do many of the same things, so you could see some similar photos on the January blog post.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for 2022