Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Chemo Started

I captured this picture of dad and Sandy (Jeff and Karen's dog) on the swing in his back yard. We were dog sitting for them. It's a precious photo.

The time has come to start radiation. Dr Yellala transfered my care to a Doctor in Kearney, so I wouldn't have to travel so far. Dr. Hartl will oversee my care going forward.

My first Chemo was on November 17th. I will have four sessions of adreamyocin (aka the red devil) and decadron. Then I will have four sessions of taxol.

After chemotherapy I'll start radiation.

Friday morning before my first chemo treatment I had an outpatient surgery to have the port placed. Then I went directly for chemo. My first set of chemo went well on Friday.
The effects hit me about 6pm Friday night. It was NOT a good night. Jimi and my sister stayed with me. I finally passed out from pure exhaustion and slept through the night. Saturday was better. I laid around, ate small meals and tried to drink hot tea and water. I find myself hungry, but everything tastes bad and then I lose my appetite.
I‘m on high doses of steroids three days following each chemo treatment. My blood sugar levels are showing as pre diabetic so now we are doing those tests a few times a day.
After Friday night I’ve been able to keep the nausea under control however I’m weak, tired and just don’t feel good.
I’m praying this will normalize and I’ll be able to somewhat function normally.
I had full intentions of making it to church service no matter what. Unfortunately, even if I could get there I think it would take too much out of me.

I was able to eat and celebrate thanksgiving with the family, however, I experienced my first unbearable acid reflux that night.

Jennifer arranged for us to have family pictures taken. Given my recent diagnisos, struggles and journey these are priceless.