Friday, April 24, 2020

Home in Nebraska

 We arrived in Nebraska the middle of March. Much earlier that the norm for us. After Sanibel was buttoned up in dry dock storage, we hightailed it to Nebraska with only fuel stops. I was really sad we couldn't stop at Melody's, but I understood why.

When we got to Nebraska I stayed in isolation. It was two weeks before I even saw my parents and then even then it was through the window of the back door.

I got busy right away making masks are anyone and everyone that wanted one.

I was also pretty quick getting in to embroidery, Since I couldn't go shopping I ordered all my supplies on line and Jimi sanitized them when they arrived. The system worked out pretty well.

Jimi pretty quickly got involved in the renovations and we were sure to get an updated video tour of our church.

I sure hope this pandemic doesn't last too long because I am itchen to sign up for craft fairs this summer. 

Stay safe!