Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Alaska 2021

 Alaska is beautiful country, but the real reason for my visit was not to see the state but to see my son, Daniel. I just wanted to be there with him. A day in the life of Daniel.

Daniel, Chelsea and Brett were all very welcoming of me.

While there, I spent some time with my girlfriend and sorority sister from Longmont, Colorado, Viktoria. 

I'll share all the photos here - probably more photos than writing.

There are so many photos here I had a hard time sorting, organizing and uploading them. I've tried to group them according to the even, but the events may not necessarily be in order.

My meal at the Dallas Fort Worth airport while waiting for my flight.

Meet Kodak - my Alaskan grand puppy - he's a year and a half old.

Chelsea's grandparents, Andy and Gail have an annual 4th of July BBQ at their house for their church friends and family. We stopped in for some good eats and games. It was really nice.

My long time girlfriend, Viktoria picked me up for Church. Afterwards she took me to a few sight-seeing spots and to lunch. It was such a treat to spend time with her.

One of the first things we did after I arrived: Daniel and Kodak took me down to the river by their house.

Daniel and Brett found this old pool table that they recovered and rebuild.

Chelsea got a puppy. These are Kodak's off-spring. 

Viktoria picked me up for a hike.

Jimi flew in for a few days (I think actually six days). Viktoria loaned us her car and we went on an adventure. 
We went to Seward for the day.

Jimi and I spent a day at the Eagle River Nature Preserve before he flew home.

A highlight of my trip was when Viktoria treated us to a glacier cruise. I spent the night at her house and the next day we drove to Prince William Sound spending the day on the cruise boat"The Braviest" seeing dozens of glaciers.

Daniel took us exploring old mines and other things.

Daniel, Chelsea, Brett, Jimi and I went four-wheelin'. It was so much fun. Jimi and I drove Daniel's BIG GREEN. Daniel, Chelsea and Brett were in Chelsea's 4-Runner. 

Other than spending time with Daniel and Chelsea and seeing their world on a day to day basis, the highlight of the trip for me was kayaking through the glaciers. It was truely a peaceful experience. I was too nervous to take my phone on the kayakm in case I flipped over, so I didn't get any pictures while I was on the water. But I got plenty of others.

It was such a good trip - I love you all! I hope to beable to come back again.