Monday, July 31, 2023


Aubree was playing at her friends house and cut her leg. She had to get stitches.

My hair is growing and I'm liking the upkeep and the look. Feeling normal again.

We've had a lot of rain. The grass and flowers are lovong it.

We, Jenn, Josh, Eli, Aubree, Jacque, Dale, Brittany, Zayleigh, myself and a bunck of friends from Norton went to the fair in Beaver City. We had so much fun.

Port removal. Brittany went with me and watch the whole thing. 

Jimi went to Spain to walk a camino. He walked over 500 miles in four weeks on the Camino Del Norte trail. Such a great accomplishment.
Here are a few pictures of his trip.

Aubree, Brenda and I met Brittany, Dale and Z at the lake for some R&R.

A frog at the house.

Going through sea shells.