Monday, April 21, 2008

Last week at BSC


Hello All,


I went into work an hour late on Monday morning, as I had some errands to run. Unfortunately, I hate to admit that I had short-timers syndrome, but I did. Monday evening I went to a sorority meeting. Several of our members are taking a leave of absence, and in fact it crossed my mind as well. But, I will stay active and continue to be the ECC rep for next year. I did however ask for a leave of absence from secret sisters. I do not want to have one. Everyone agreed that I could be left out of the drawing.


Tuesday morning I went to work as scheduled and around 11am, I finally received a confirmed start date at Crocs. I start Monday morning. Anyhow, I called the temp agency and told them that Friday would be my last day at Boulder Scientific. They called me back an hour or so later and told me that they left Roy a message. About that same time Roy came into my office and asked me for some reports, which I provided him, But he said nothing about my leaving - no conversation or acknowledgement - nothing. Rest of the day he did not say one word to me and in fact, he avoided me, even when it came time to have my time card signed. Michael signed it for me. Just after lunch, I overheard Michael and Roy talking and got the impression that Tuesday would be my last day rather than Friday. So I emailed the temp agency to see if that was really the case. Conveniently enough they did not get back to me until 4pm and told me that Roy did not want me to finish the week. Now why can't people be honest? And why did he act so badly towards me? I would have thought I personally wronged him by the way he acted. I just don't get it. The man is NOT professional nor does he have an ounce of good management skills. It bothered me quite a bit, but I am over it now. I was ecstatic to have rest of the week off.


Tammy Reasoner applied for the accounts payable job there and had her interview on Tuesday, which went very well. She came over on Tuesday night and we drank margaritas and basically got drunk. I was celebrating my termination at BSC and she was celebrating her interview. Her boyfriend Greg came over for a while too. He is rooming with my neighbor, Travis, across the street.


Wednesday morning I took the kids to school. Then I went to Cencorp to talk to Tom for a bit. Then I went to the coffee shop to hit the books. I felt I would be more likely to get more done there rather than getting distracted at home. Jimi came to the coffee shop for a bit and did some work then left and a bit later Juraj and Janna came in for a while. It was nice having company. I picked the kids up for lunch and then took them back to school. I had just under two hours before they got out of school for the day, so I went to Jimi's house and worked on my essay. He was still in the garage working on his bike. He is modifying the seat and pegs for us. He is adding a back for me, so I will be more comfortable on long rides. He is adding hard bags on each side, and had to move my foot pegs so they would fit. He also had to move the turn signals and the exhaust. He is doing an excellent job.We went home for a bit and that night and then I went to crochet.


Thursday I hung out at Cencorp instead of the coffee shop. The plan was I could use their wireless to get my homework done, except Jeff (the IT guy) locked it and told no one the password) Tom and I were pretty pissed. I did manage to get dome done, but not as much as I had planned. We had a BBQ and Jimi and the kids came too. After school we went home for the evening.


Friday I did stay at Cencorp all day all alone and got an amazing amount of work done.. Friday night we invited Janna and Juraj over. We played games and socialized.


Saturday I worked around the house and did a lot of yard work. Jimi was at home working on his motorcycle, We were suppose to ride the bike to Denver to visit our friends, Brad and Ellen, but Jimi poked a hole in the oil pan on his bike trying to change the oil It's a $360.00 part. I have never seen him so mad before. But we took the car to Denver and we had a nice evening.


On Sunday I went to Boulder and picked up a FREE yard swing. The frame is near perfect. The seat needs some attention, but I was so very happy. I also, finally, sold my little washer and dryer. And I bought all the supplies to add to my deck. Jimi, Daniel, and I went on a late afternoon hike. We found a raft in the river and the boys floated down the middle of the river on it while I followed along the bank. I wanted to get on with them, but I carried all the cell phones and wallets. We didn't want to risk falling in and getting our phones wet. Afterwards Jimi wanted to go for a "family" dinner. He's so funny sometimes. The four of us went to Carinos. I then cleaned Cencorp and we all went home to get ready for Monday.


I am excited about starting my new job tomorrow, but I am also very nervous that I won't do a good job. I'll tell ya Roy at BSC really did a number on my self esteem. I'll keep you informed, week by week. Ha-ha.


Love Everybody,


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