Monday, October 6, 2008

Doing well….

Hello Everybody,


Not much to report this week.


Again I spent a couple of nights in Mead helping Razor and Molly adjust to Jennifer (tenant) and her dog. The second night did not go so well. All three dogs got into a scuff. Jennifer and I are both convinced that they will do fine once the puppies are out of the picture. Unfortunately for Jimi and I, this will take some time. More time than we were hoping.


Jimi spent a lot of time working on the chopper. He took the engine apart, cleaned and reworked the cylinders, and put everything back together. After refereeing the frame of the bike and the engine, he finally got it back together. Unfortunately to his dismay, the bike still runs as it did before he tore into it. He will continue to work on it in hopes he can fix the problem.


Friday night Jimi and I went to dinner with our friends, Connie and Rex. After dinner, we went to there house for dessert and drinks. We were so engaged in conversation that time flew by and before we realized it, it was 11:30pm: way past my bedtime. We had a wonder visit, as always!


Saturday morning we stuck around the house. We cleaned, did laundry, rearranged a few things, and organized a few more. We ran some errands and then grilled hamburgers and corn on the cob. That evening we watched an old black and white James Stewart movie called " Mr. Smith Goes to Washington". It was a really neat patriotic movie. Very educational and well done.


Big news (for me anyhow): I finished the Hawaii scrapbook. I can carry it with me now for the next few months to make sure all my friends get to see it. It turned out well. We are happy with it. It's not as big as our Europe book. The Hawaii book is about 26 pages, whereas Europe was between 45 and 50. 


Sunday we went to the coffee shop (like the old days). We worked on our laptops and drank lots of coffee. That afternoon we took the dogs for a walk and that evening I made a nice chicken dinner, worked my Cencorp job and of course more scrap booking. Jimi worked on his computer and we watched a little bit of TV.


I was notified by Beta Sigma Phi (my International Sorority group), that I am eligible for something called "Order of the Rose". It has something to do with the number of years of membership. Earlier I had told you that I wanted to leave the group. While I have made the decision to do so, I have not officially resigned yet. Ironically, on Saturday I ran into one of the elderly ladies in the group who I had not seen in a while and was quite close with. She was talking to me about staying in the group. Now I am wondering if I will stay, though I go back and forth on my decision. I will keep you posted.


That's all for now. Things have really settled down for us, but I think a break form the constant going will be good for a while.


Love Everybody,

Lorie & Jimi

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