Monday, April 27, 2009

Health is key

Hello All,
The week was nothing unusual. We embarked in our everyday tasks of work and school. I concentrated on selling on Ebay and making greeting cards with my drawer full of scraps. I tell you that I don't see my scrap supply diminishing as quickly as I was hoping for and yet I am up to over 200 in cards. I will continue at it until I have utilized every scrap of paper.
I listed my house for rent and the next day received a call from an interested party. I am supposed to hear from them this week and will keep you posted.
Jimi and I got up early Saturday morning for the 9 News Health Fair. We were given all kinds of tests and checked out head to toe including body mass index, lung test, eye test, dental, blood pressure, blood draw, balancing and posture test, nutrition consultation, and hearing tests. I did not have the blood work done, but Jimi did and will receive his results in about six weeks. Jimi's hearing test came back with flying colors proving that when he does have trouble hearing me, it is selective. Ha-ha just kidding. My right ear passed the hearing test with flying colors; however, my left ear missed a tone. I'm not really concerned about it though. Everything else came out good.
After the health fair, we took a pick up load of trash to the dump.
That evening we went to the Moose with my friends to listen to another friend, Jackie, sing. She contracts with the Moose lodges and sings there from time to time.
On Sunday, aside from running a few errands together, we stayed in rest of the day and did our own things.
Upon us today is the beginning of another week to be filled mostly with various forms of work and school.
Thinking of you with happy thoughts.
Love Lorie & Jimi

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