Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Friends and Family,
Although Jimi and I are busy, we both had a fabulous week. By reading our update this week, it may not sound like we were busy or accomplished much, but trust me we barely saw the week, as it flashed by.
Jimi finished up three of his classes and worked diligently on his portfolio. He mowed the grass for the first time this season, began preparing the house for the summer weather, and is making arrangements and plans to replace the roof on the house. He is also preparring his motorcycles to sell. He would like to sell them before we leave for the West Coast.
I spent my time collecting things for our yard sale, making more cards, finishing up some scrapbook pages, did quite a lot of work for Cencorp, and my normal responsibilities. 
Saturday morning after breakfast we played a game of chess and went for a two mile walk. It was nice. That night we went to dinner and then bowling with some friends from work, which was also fun; however, it was an early evening, so when we got home we watched the movie "King Arthur".
Sunday morning we played another game of chess and then went to the grocery store. Otherwise, we didn't do much out of the norm. Sunday evening Jimi cooked up some really nice steaks for Mother's Day; they were YUMMY!
I now have three couples/families inquiring to rent my house. No more bites on potential buyers though; however, I don't really expect any until we get the for sale sign painted and put up in the front yard. Which is yet another thing on our list of to dos.
I am going to begin planting flowers around the house, as well as try to find time to do some work in Mead. Unfortunately, the best time for me to work out there is the weekends and forecast has it raining on the weekends. Coming up, we will be getting ready for our trip to the West coast.
That's all for now folks! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!
Lorie & Jimi

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