Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy 2010!!

Hello Friends and Family,
We said goodbye to 2009 the same as we lived it - busy, busy, busy. Daniel and Jimi fixed the flat tire on my car by buying a new rim (the old one was bent and had been for quite some time) and two new tires. They also went to Akron, Colorado to photograph an old barn Jimi had previously found. See the picture attached.

The kids and I went to Mead to visit my friend Tammy Reasoner. Daniel stayed over with her son, Jordan. The next day, Jennifer and Daniel drove to Loveland to visit their grandfather and step grandmother for the evening. Tammy and Greg have decided to get married. Their date is August 1st and they have asked me to help plan it and be Tammy's Matron of Honor. I'm delighted.
Daniel, Jimi, and I played two games of Scooby Doo Clue and I could not be happier to report that Jimi did NOT win! Ha-ha. Daniel won both games, which is almost just as bad. After all he learned his gloating skills from Jimi. Ha-ha.
Thursday night we had a doozy of a party at friend' Tobey and Vicki's house. Jimi played pool up until midnight, winning every game. We had a blast and then Daniel drove us home about 1:30am.

The four of us went to breakfast Friday morning and then I drove Daniel to the airport. I was sad to see him go back home. Jimi, Jennifer, and I litterly laid around the house watching movies and working on our computers for the first two days of 2010. By Saturday night, Jimi was going nuts. He said "I can'[t take this anymore. Tomorrow I am doing something." .....and he did. He found a car for Jennifer on Craigslist. The three of us went to Englewood (about an hour from home) to check it out. It was just what she was looking for and the price could not have been better. So, they bought it. Jennifer and Jimi spent the next several hours cleaning it with a fine tooth comb. Then they took it out, so Jennifer could practice her 5 speed driving.

Jimi and I have spent the past couple of weeks updating our blog site. It has a new look to it and will be much faster and, hopefully, friendlier to use. Check it out.
~ I have loaded our 2009 scrapbook. Check it out, as some of you may be in it.

~ I have loaded our Vietnam vacation scrapbook. For those of you who have not seen it, you should.
~ For Jimi's birthday, I made him a family tree scrapbook. It is 106 pages consisting of history on his father's side back to the 1500s and on his mother's side back to the 1400s. I found newspaper articles, state death indexes, state and federal census records for both the US and England, marriage licenses, and more. I have also loaded it to the bog and really is amazing to examine. I also made copies for his brother and father for Christmas.

~ And one more thing - be sure to check out Jennifer's senior pictures. I have loaded those to our blog as well.
Here is the website in case you do not have it. You can get to everything from the menu on the right side of the screen. And when viewing a scrapbook, of you click on the picture, it will open for a closer look. Let us know if you have any glitches, so we can keep it working properly.

Do you have a new years resolution? We usually do not. I simply plan to get back into a routine around here. The house cleaning got away from me between out trip and the holidays, etc. And as usual, I have an entire list of "to dos". Jimi's mentioned that we have a lot of cleaning our the house to do over the next few months.
Wishing you all the best for the 2010 year!!!
Love Everybody,
Lorie & Jimi

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