Monday, March 15, 2010

As Progress Continues

Dear Friends and Family,
Last Thursday, I came home to a fragrant smell of fresh flowers. Jimi bought a vase of gorgeous pink lilies. I have never smelled such a strong smell that emulated throughout the entire house. Even at work I could smell the Lilies on my coat, which had sat on the chair next the the beautiful bouquet. What a nice surprise.
We went snow shoeing in the Colorado Rockies on Saturday. It was a beautiful warm sunny day; therefore, the snow was not as crusted over as we would have liked. Still, we had a nice time; it was just simply great to get out.
Together, Jimi and I own five vehicles and a boat and we've know for some time that we would have to come to the grueling decision of which ones to keep and which to sell. We can say it has begun now. We have decided to sell my motorcycle. It is, of course, the first and most obvious item to sell; however, I'd like to get some riding out of it before we do. Therefore, we have decided to sell it the first part of July or as soon as we get a contract on the house, which ever comes first. We still have to decide which two vehicles to take with us and what to do with Grandpa's car. We are considering selling it; however, neither one of us really want to let it go, so another option would be to drain the fluids, set it on blocks, and cover it, if we can find a safe place to do so. We are still playing around with options in our heads and are confident that we will find an answer.
I met my dear friend Melody for a happy hour drink after work on Friday. We chatted for a couple of hours and then Jimi and I went to play pool at the Moose lodge. Jimi has been practicing some new shots. As always, we had an incredible time. We also played pool for a couple of hours at the Red Zone earlier in the week.
We went to dinner with a large group of people Saturday night for a friend's birthday. Dinner was nice; Jimi raved over his burger. Rest of the gang went to the dance club afterwards, but Jimi and I are fuddy duddy's now and we went on home. :-)
All the talk about getting rid of the big items in the house is finally beginning. Over the weekend I cleared out and gave away a large filing cabinet, a desk, and a bookshelf. I also boxed up quite a few things that will be stored at my sister's house while we are away. We plan to make a trip to Nebraska to drop it off in a few weeks.
I met with my crochet group, did some scrap booking, and played with my camera off and on throughout the week.
Jimi still works on the house for improvements and/or going through things everyday. He took a truck load of smaller items to the humane society donation place and began distributing his framed photographs to friends.
Jimi's poison oak is completely gone now and his back is slowly getting stronger. He's still a little careful with it though.
That's all for now - we have a full week to come.
Love everybody,
Lorie & Jimi
 BTW- Jim and Brandi Sullivan gave birth to a baby boy last Monday morning. He weighed 6lbs ??oz. They named him Anthony Leith Sullivan.

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