Monday, August 23, 2010

All things must come to an end

Dear Friends and Family,
I have received a number of emails this week from friends thanking me for sending the weekly updates. This really means a lot to me. Sometimes I wonder if they aren't boring and monotonous; however, when I'm late with one, someone is calling me wanting to know where the latest update is. I'm glad so many appreciate and look forward to receiving them every week; I began writing them two years and eight months ago. After only a few weeks I was  requesting to be added to my distribution list and we are now up to about 20 people. We've probably had a dozen more requests for additions; however, those people are local and we don't want the emails to be the reason we don't see each other. We will add them once we move. Thank you to everyone for your kind words this week and for your support!
Tuesday evening we went to the Red Zone to play pool. My first few games were pretty good, but after that I went down hill. Jimi played very well throughout the evening.
Wednesday evening we rode the motorcycle to Westminster. Jimi took and passed his level one and level two HAM radio exams. Congrats to him! I took advantage of the time sitting in the grass outside the school reading. I finished the book "Twilight" and started the sequel "New Moon". Great reading! By Sunday, I had finished "New Moon".
Thursday morning I received a call from my boss at Cencorp. The person I trained to take my position fours years ago, is now leaving the company, and our president is stuck in Brazil on visa related issues with no idea when he will return. They want me to come back full time to take over the accounting and admin duties. My old job back? - WOW - I was excited; however, there was one catch. I would have to move to Texas. Funny as it is - in the mean time, at Crocs, my boss' boss and HR were looking for me to lay me off. YES - I was laid off from Crocs just within an hour of receiving my new offer. Bazaar isn't it? In any case, this opened the doors for me. I will go to Texas tomorrow through the 3rd of September to get back up to speed on things there. Jimi will fly down on the weekend and we will check out the area including the marinas on the Gulf, and from there the negations will begin and decisions will have to be made.
Thursday night we were back at the Moose playing pool. Jimi beat me 5 of 6 games. Yay for him! :-) And he's not letting me forget it.
Friday night we went to Brad and Ellen's house in Denver for their "Happy Hour". We ate, drank, and visited allot with lots of friends. It was a great time! Thanks guys!!!
Saturday night we went to the drive in theater in Fort Collins. We saw two movies: "Despicable Me" and "Inception". We enjoyed both.
Jimi took Senior pictures for our friend's son on Sunday. And Sunday was my final day in Mead. I swept and mopped the floors, wiped down the counters and bathroom, mowed the grass, pulled a few weeds, and cleaned out the last little bit of things from the garage. I said my goodbyes to the house I raised my children in. I enjoyed living there, but now I know it's time to move on. Selling the house is nothing less than a blessing. This morning at 8:30am I sat with the buyers at the title company and we signed all the paperwork making the sell official. They took immediate possession. It's a bitter sweet feeling - all kinds of emotions fighting over one another, all stuck in one little area. One down and one to go!
As always, we will keep you posted.
Love everybody,
Lorie & Jimi

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