Monday, December 6, 2010

Jennifer is doing well

Dear friends and family,

There was nothing special about my week in McAllen. I went to the movie theater while there to watch the new Harry Potter movie; it was very good. I also cut all my hair off. O.k., well maybe not 'all' of it, but it feels like it; I cut off about seven inches. The people who know about it, keep bugging me for a picture; however, I am in hiding until it relaxes or grows out a bit. I really wonder what the heck I was thinking. Lol. My flight home left at 6:20am, which meant getting up at 4:30am. Jimi picked me up from the airport at 9:50am. I was so tired that I took a very long nap Sunday afternoon.

Jimi began working at the annual Croc's warehouse sale; however, on Thursday they told him he needed to stand on the side of the road wearing a sign advertising the sale. He politely told them he could not do that, so they told him he would have to leave. I've heard from other Croc's employees that the temporary agency in charge are not pleasant to work with this year, unlike last year. Too bad for them, because Jimi was an asset to the sale. When he left he had a few name tags in his pocket; you know the stick ons that read "Hello I'm". Jimi walks around the house repeating "Hello I'm Johnny Cash", so I told him to put his name tag on and walk around in public - ha ha - including shopping at the Croc's sale. Toooo funny. Yes, we are cheaply and easily amused. Lol

Jimi did get a free pair of Crocs for the days he worked and he bought a back up pair too. I am hoping to get over there next weekend. Jimi met up with friends Jana and Juraj Saturday night in Boulder for a few drinks. We had a couple of showings on the house over the past two weeks, but still we wait for a buyer. Our cat Molly must have gotten in to a scrap because she has some wounds on top of her head. We are treating them hoping she will heal quickly.

Upon arriving home and going through our mail, we had about seven letters from Jennifer. We are very proud of her. She says it is hard, but she is doing well. She likes her drill sergeants, and has made a few friends, Her nick name is 'Sully', just like her father. We imagine this nick name will follow her through her entire career now. She made her travel arrangements for VBL (Victory Block Leave or Christmas break). She arrives at DIA on Dec 17th at 1:40pm. We are excited to pick her up and will be waiting with a large poster board sign and camera.

As always, I am glad to be home with Jimi.

Love everybody,

Lorie & Jimi

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