Monday, July 11, 2011

309 Square Feet and endless yard space

Dear Friends and Family,

We've had a full non-stop week.
I already told you about seeing Heidi Newfield in concert on July 4th. Wednesday, we were given tickets (by our friend Joan) to the Broadway Musical "Annie". We weren't expecting much, but it turned out to be an exceptional performance. A nice evening out and well worth it.

Thursday morning was the big day to close on our sail boat. We left home at 7am and arrived back home around 8pm. It was a long day. We met with the broker to close the sale and picked up the sails from the repair shop. The sails have been sitting at the repair shop for five years. The previous owner had them repaired and paid for them, but never picked them up. We then went to the boat to assess what we had. It was so full of junk and disorganized, we could hardly move around inside and certainly couldn't figure out what was what. We spent hours moving things around, peeking inside all the cubby and storage holes, etc. Right around suppertime, we decided to call it a day and head home. We loaded as much as we could fit in the bed of the truck.

We went back to the marina (3 hours away) on Saturday with the plan to completely unload the boat. We took the pickup and the trailer. It went well; however, it was a long hard hard day. We barely got everything to fit, but we did it and now our house is amazingly full of more stuff, stuff, and stuff. In fact we hauled more stuff out of that boat than we brought to Florida - absolutely amazing. Now we'll have to go through it to see what's what. We've agreed to ship some things to the previous owner, who lives in Oregon. Some things are no longer any good and will be thrown out, and some things will go back on the boat after it's moved and cleaned up.

Now, let me describe the vessel to you a little.

It is 39 feet long. It has a center cockpit with two companionways (doors going inside). One going into the aft berth (back bedroom) and the other going in the the saloon and galley (dining room and kitchen). We have a full forward berth (front bedroom) with a six drawer dresser, a nice large wet locker, a little sink, and it's own head (toilet). The galley has a cute little sink, and gimbal stove, a cooler, and lots of storage. The saloon looks like it would seat about six comfortably and also folds down to make a full size berth. Through the hallway is a navigation station, a closet and a workbench. A huge engine room and work area is located under the cockpit. The aft berth has a nice large closet, a six drawer dresser, a little sink, and a head with a shower. Throughout the boat there is storage in every little nook and cranny. The boat has a lot more room than we were ever imagined. I've attached some pictures, but please keep in mind the boat is messy.

Our next step is to now wait for the water to rise. Some places in the lake are only 3 1/2 feet deep, and we have a 4 1/2 foot draft. As soon as we are able, we'll motor it to Port Charlotte. More details on this later. For now we wait, but while we're waiting we have plenty of "stuff" to do. Lol

Love everybody,

Lorie & Jimi

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