Monday, March 5, 2012

Stepping the mast

Dear Friends & Family,
Not a lot has changed since I wrote two weeks ago. Jimi is still working on the deck, however, he is making progress. He completed the repair to the internal support arch under the mizzen mast and reset the mast, actually called stepping the mast. He now continues with the port holes and other miscellaneous deck work. Jimi ordered and we received our main chart plotter for navigation, which will also handle important instrumentation, most importantly depth and boat speed in the water. He is sorting out the navigation charts we need to get them on the unit.

School is going well for me. I slowed down the last two weeks, but am hoping to pick things back up again.

Last weekend I drove to Orlando to visit my girlfriend Melody. On Saturday, we unexpectedly drove to her brother, Rick's house in Jesup Georgia for the night. It was a real honor to spend the weekend with her and her family. They laid her brother, Darold to rest on Friday, March 2nd. Darold was loved and will be missed. I wish him a peaceful rest and serenity to the family.

Jimi and I went to Sarasota this past weekend to buy more teak (that stuff is expensive) and pick up some boat parts at the marine surplus store and then spent some time at the Siesta Key Beach. It was nice to get out. The weather on Saturday was absolutely beautiful; however, on Sunday it was cold and windy. We took the car to the car wash to clean it up. Jimi will list it on Craig's list.

That's all we have for this update. More later.

Love Everybody,

Lorie & Jimi

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