Monday, September 17, 2012

The countdown begins

Dear Friends and Family,

A few more weeks have passed and we've gotten a few more things done.
First, we were fortunate enough to have guests over the Labor day weekend. Juraj from Colorado came to visit for 5 days and Melody came out for 4 days with her daughter, Summer. We did all the usual things like hang out at a couple of different beaches and go out for dinner. Juraj helped Jimi on Sanibel one morning and they spent an afternoon on Lemon Bay with our dingy. Jimi took Summer's senior pictures. We had a wonderful time; it's just too sad that it goes by so quickly.

Now on to business: Jimi began working on the plumbing. We now have both fresh water and salt water available to us in the galley. We also have two working toilets that flush to the ocean. He will install a holding tank to be used when necessary. It is on order and should arrive shortly. The drains to the vanity sinks are hooked up, however, we are waiting on the pumps for the water delivery. We will not have a pressurized system on board. Going back to old school, we'll have to work for our water with hand pumps. The aft shower will be the exception having a pressurized system from the hot water tank, which is heated by excess power from the wind generator when the batteries are full. No energy wasted. :-)

Though most of the electrical is done, there are still some very important items to be addressed. Jimi continues to work these in as parts, etc. are available.

I have completed both the saloon and cockpit cushions. I'll now begin on the forward berth.

Now for more fun stuff: We played hookie a week or so ago taking our dingy out to Lemon Bay and into the Gulf. We found a somewhat secluded island on Stump Pass and spent a few hours exploring and swimming. As usual we saw lots of dolphins and some manatee.

It was fun. We went to Calico Jacks to listen to a friend's band play while we played pool. And Sunday we went on a 7.5 mile bike ride with our folding bikes. I have to mention all the animal encounters we came across - a snake that I nearly ran over, which turned out to be a non-aggressive and non-venomous corn snake, a couple of bunny rabbits, a tortes, the no need to mention endless amount of geckos, several different species of birds including a cardinal, and dragon flies playing 'chicken' with my head (I won every time). The sign says the area is an alligator habitat, but we didn't see any of those and in fact this is the first time we've seen any animals other than geckos on this trail. We were in awe of the array of wildlife we came across.

One week ago Jimi listed his motorcycle for sale on Ebay. It's bittersweet for him with many mixed emotions on the issue, but the bike sold on Sunday and now we await the buyer to pay for it in full and make shipping arrangements. We also listed my father's trailer, which we used to move out here with, on Craigslist, but no bites yet.

I visited the eye doctor a few days ago and was told I should consider bifocals. I refuse to admit I am that old, therefore, I will continue as I am. Lol

An unofficial countdown has begun: as of today roughly 11 weeks until Sanibel hits the water and 15 weeks until she becomes our full time residence.

We love hearing for your guys and hope everyone is doing well.

Love everybody,

Lorie & Jimi

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