Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Checkin' in

Dear Friends and Family,

Here we are checking in once again.

Jimi continues to remove teak from Sanibel to bring home, so I can strip, sand and varnish it. All the striping and sanding is done thus far and we are preparing space where I can begin varnishing. This is going to be a lengthy process. We think he has removed everything he is able to, which means everything left will need to be done at the boat. The ladder still needs to be painted with varnish.

 My amazing Jimi took an old teak table top from another boat and made it in to a swim ladder. It hooks over the edge of the boat and allows us to climb down into our dingy or up onto Sanibel. It's amazing - check out the picture.

Still amazing - he also took an old mahogany door from a 50s Chris Craft and made it into a shower pan for our shower. He slightly con-caved the middle with a circular saw and sander, drilled a large hole for the drain, covered with epoxy and WA-LA - a beautiful mahogany shower pan. He's like a proud papa.

I did a little more sewing on the mizzen sail cover. We spread the genoa sail out in the front yard and scrubbed both sides with scrub brushes, soap and water. It looks like an entirely different sail when it's clean. Lol.

Jimi painted two of the original light fixtures and re installed them; both are for the saloon.

We continue to sell things on eBay His motorcycle was picked up last week. The trailer still sits in the front yard - no takers or even lookers. We have not listed my car yet, but we will soon.

We have great great news to report and I am super excited about it. Jimi purchased a used device called SPOT Messenger and paid for an annual subscription to its service. What is SPOT? SPOT is high tech; it receives our position from GPS satellites and then sends that position to the SPOT satellite, which then reports our location to the internet, Facebook, text message and email.

Jimi has been working on upgrading our blog to represent our future adventures with Sanibel. Check out our new look and all the new goodies. Included is a SPOT map page (mentioned above), so you will always know where we're at. Here's a link to the map page: http://dogbonegraphics.com/blog/?page_id=2589 Theblog is still a work in process.

Jimi is still working on bits of the electrical still. Here is a picture of him wiring the engine panel in his office. He is NOT making a bomb - LOL.

39 days till we put Sanibel in the water. 70 days until we move aboard. As much as I want to, I'm not sure if I can officially say it's getting down to the wire yet. We still have a lot to do. Jimi is worried about getting everything on Sanibel done, whereas, I'm worried about the piles and mounds of stuff in our house that will have to be gone through and cleaned out. It's all a little overwhelming at times.

Until next time!

Love everybody,
Lorie & Jimi

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