Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Dear Friends and Family,

Checking in with another update. I’ll write weekly again until we lose our internet and I am un able to do so.

Last Thursday night was our first trying experience on Sanibel. 50+ mph winds swept through Charlotte Harbor. Unbeknownst to us it knocked our anchor lose and we drug several hundred feet towards the bridge, which our mast does not clear. When Jimi got up to check on the anchor he realized our position and took action. He started the motor moving us back to a safe distance and began to reset the anchor. I was doing fine laying in bed as we bounced all over the place. I felt like I was in a snow globe and someone was shaking it.  I got up to use the head and that did it for me; I was queasy. The TV was flopping back and forth, so I held on to it until I could get myself together enough to secure it all while I leaned over the galley sink throwing up. After a few minutes, I was fine and I  secured the TV with the first thing I could find – Jimi’s apron.  I went above to the cockpit with Jimi for a while before going back to bed. Jimi stayed in the cockpit rest of the night monitoring our position. It was a rough night, but we weren’t in any real danger. Now, at least, we have a ‘story’ to talk about. J Jimi has since hooked up an anchor alarm. If our anchor moves , an alarm goes off and we’ll know something is up.

Molly is doing so well, we are impressed. She climbs the companion way stairs to go out. She hangs out in the cockpit, walks the perimeter and likes to stare out the bow (sometimes the stern). She jumps and investigates all over the cabin like nothing. She going to be a great boat kitty.

We got to shore on occasion trying to make the best use of our time, dingy rides, and dingy fuel. We take our trash every time we go, collect more fresh water to keep our tanks full and try to think of everything we can or need to do on shore when we go, like pick up a few staples, do laundry, take a hot shower, go to the bank etc. Everything we need right now is within walking distance of the park where we park the dingy. Even though we still have the truck, we haven’t used it much.

Jimi still works of stuff now and then, but not like before. We are on island time now and he can finally relax. He’s ready to head south now, but we can’t just yet. Daniel is flying in to see us on the 19th of February and we are super excited about that.

The computers Jimi purchased to run on 12volt are not performing as needed, so he purchased a Dell from someone off Ebay, however, sadly it arrived damaged and we must return it. The is disappointing since we are on a strict timeline. It will all work out in the end.

Our time for internet and phones is quickly coming to an end. We’ll disconnect everything sometime in early March. We’ll be sure to let you know when it happens and will then keep in touch via email, Facebook, and our blog as often as we are able.

Speaking of our blog: We think the spammers have been removed from our blog; however, he’s still troubleshooting and he’ll want to install a cool theme like we had before.

Jimi is making a video giving everyone a tour of Sanibel and how things work. I’m not sure when he’ll have it finished, but we will be sure to let you know.

A cold front is coming through today, so we are buttoned down on Sanibel for at least today and tomorrow. Jimi has several projects he wants to work on and I can finally get started with some of my own.

My matron of honor Tammy left two bottles of Champaign here, which we were going to toast when Jimi and I moved aboard. Unfortunately , Tammy has been unable to come back to Florida, so my ex-neighbor Monica willingly volunteered to spend the day with us so we could toast our future with Sanibel. Here are a few pictures. Tammy, this is for you – we missed you!

Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Floating!!

Love everyone,

Lorie & Jimi

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