Tuesday, August 25, 2015

R.A.T. Days 29 - 35

Taking advantage of this year's hurricane season to rediscover America. We're calling it the R.A.T. (Rediscover America Tour). While Sanibel sits on dry dock at Safe Cove boatyard in Port Charlotte, Florida, Jimi and I will be traveling 49 of the 50 U.S. States. Along the way we're going to recapture what America's made of, visiting out-of-the-way and well -known places, reconnecting with friends and family and  much more.

Day 29 - August 18th. Jimi drove to Monroe, Michigan. He took these photos of  a swayback barn and the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station.

Total miles driven: 4988

Day 30 - August 19thAbandoned St. Agnes Church in Detroit, Michigan

Total miles driven: 5118

Day 31 - August 20thAbandoned Northville Psychiatric Hospital in Detroit, Michigan

Total miles driven: 5152

Day 32 - August 21st. Together again. Jimi picked me up from the Detroit airport. Jimi enjoyed a few days photographing the decayed areas in Detroit. It was good to see Detroit rebuilding in many other places, and if you talk to the residences of the different neighborhoods it is clear that Detroit is far from beaten.

Total miles driven: 5390

Day 33 - August 22nd. We drove to Manchester, Michigan to visit with Jimi's dad. We helped him provide protection for a lone White Pine and then went out for pizza.

Total miles driven: 5509
The road lined with trees on the way to dad's house.

Pulling in to the driveway of dad's house.

Pizza for supper.

Day 34 - August 23rd. We spent the day in Ann Arbor with long time friends, John and Christa. The were gracious enough to have us in their house and include us in their scheduled activities. Lorie went to the Quaker's Friend's Meeting while Jimi worked on our 'trusty' American made Chevy. Then we accompanied the Williams in viewing a potential condo. Finally, we help prepare for a dinner party and then enjoyed meeting many of John's co-workers. Thank you for your hospitality and many blessings.

Total miles driven: 5509

Day 35 - August 24th. On the road again, we stopped in Ford territory and toured the Rouge - Ford's F-150 plant. It's a very enlightening experience. Rest of the day we drove finally landing in South Bend, Indiana.

Total miles driven: 5743
Statue outside the touring entrance of the plant.

I  was flabbergasted by this sign.

Amish country in Indiana. 
Even the Wal-Mart parking lot had reserved areas for the horse and buggies.

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