Thursday, November 12, 2015

R.A.T. Days 106-112 The End

Taking advantage of this year's hurricane season to rediscover America. We're calling it the R.A.T. (Rediscover America Tour). While Sanibel sits on dry dock at Safe Cove boatyard in Port Charlotte, Florida, Jimi and I will be traveling 49 of the 50 U.S. States. Along the way we're going to recapture what America's made of, visiting out-of-the-way and well -known places, reconnecting with friends and family and much more.

Day 106 - November 3rd Still in Stamford, NE, Jimi worked on the van to get ready for the final stretch. I went to my first Chiropractor appointment.

Total miles driven: 15,972
A veterans Memorial for my father located in Alma, Nebraska.

Holdrege, Nebraska

Day 107 - November 4th. Jimi was getting antsy and ready to get back on the road; however, he stuck around for our anniversary.

Total miles driven: 15,972
A pre-anniversary candle light dinner for two.

Day 108 - November 5th. Our 4th wedding anniversary. My parents took us to dinner.

Total miles driven: 15,972
Beautiful flowers from Jimi.

Day 109 - November 6th The R.A.T. is back on. Jimi hit the road just before noon. Not having much interest in site seeing without me, he drove all the way to Joplin, Missouri. 

Total miles driven: 16,558
This is American history.

Day 110 - November 7th. Making serious miles landed him in Memphis, Tennessee for the night.

Total miles driven: 17,214
Our mystery wagon (the van) passed this corvet.

Don't buy fuel here!

Day 111 - November 8th. Next stop...Warner Robins, Georgia. A place I am all too familiar with. I attended high school there when my dad was stationed at Robins AFB in the 80's..

Total miles driven: 17,926
Heavy rains and stuck in traffic in Atlanta, Georgia.

Day 112 - November 9th This final stop completes the R.A.T. circle. Jimi arrived in Englewood, Florida just before dark.

Total miles driven: 18,373
A military convoy.

The van did - she took us all around the lower 48. And we are beyond thankful. Way to go Chevy!

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  1. I absolutely love traveling. There are few things as good as just picking up and traveling wherever and whenever you want to. I have a child in school, so I do need to wait for him to be off. Other than that, the two of us are out and about all over America during all times of the year. It's the good life.

    Prince Baughman @ Everybody's Chiropractic