Monday, January 25, 2016

Anchor chain

Lately it has been a fight to bring the anchor in. The chain will jump off the gypsy and get jammed on the windlass. This is potentially  dangerous if the seas and wind are bad when the jam happens. One problem is if the gypsy is just getting worn, but at 300 plus dollars to replace I need to try all the free options first. There are two issues that have been on my mind with the chain. One, the chain may be a bit worn and two, it is as twisted as a middle aged man at Key wests fantasy fest. First we need a nice calm day and now after 3 consecutive  storms have come through we have it. Next is to deploy our secondary anchor. Now i can remove the primary anchor from the chain and flip it end to end. There, new chain and I can get the twist out. I keep a line spliced to the bitter end and then attached in the anchor locker, this way I don't run out the anchor and chain right off the boat and if I need to I can  cut it away. BTW  splicing old line sucks. 

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