Thursday, February 28, 2019

Stationary in Port Charlotte

Well, unlike normal sailing years, so far we are still in Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda. It doesn't appear there will be any sailing for us this year.

With our trip to Spain in November, Sanibel didn't splash until December and then we decided to stay in Charlotte Harbor for the Holidays. I really enjoyed baking and decorating sugar cookies and then delivering them, along with a Christmas card to all the boats in the harbor. There's really something about the Christmas spirit when doing that. 
After Christmas I had to fly to Texas for a week for work and then friends of our asked us if we would be willing to house sit for them for the month of February. We docked Sanibel right in their back yard on their private dock and moved in the house.
It would appear we were spoiled and yes, we were.

While we were there they were having a pool installed. Here are a few beginning photos of the work.

Jimi worked on building a telescope, repairs and some other projects he had.

I, however, went nuts learning how to make soap. I was in crafter's heaven. Even with limited resources, I managed to make well over 100 bars of homemade soap and bath bombs. I sewed Aubree and I matching aprons, snap bags, burp cloths, bowl cozys and Easter bunny bags.




Of course we had Valentines Day too!

And lets not forget coffee!!

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