Friday, December 6, 2019

Our Paris Vacation

This year for our vacation we decided to go back to Paris, France. We've haven't been there since 2007 (I think). This time we opted to stay put and rented an apartment for just over two weeks.

On the airplane and on out way.

The elevator to the top floor was the smallest we have ever seen. The two of us barely fit in there at the same time.

It's always coffee time!

We were thrilled to see a play of the Jungle Book in French. This was probably one of our favorites.

We explored the local flea market, but were a little disappointed that we didn't find any treasure.

This was the passage to our apartment.

Croque Monsieur is a local's favorite and so we had to have a few.

This was an old train station and is now a museum. We very much enjoyed this one too.

On Thanksgiving Day we went to the local theater to see "It's a Wonderful Life" in English.

We attended the annual wine tasting event. We were completely overwhelmed and out of our element. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the experience.

After going to the Sacre Coeur a few times, we decided riding the tram was in order.

Search Results

Web results

We each had our portraits drawn.

Our one special dinner at Mersea.

And we couldn't pass up a Starbucks.

Lastly - LOVE written is hundreds of languages.

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