Thursday, December 31, 2020



I would have thought I'd learn my lesson after being to disappointed about not getting pictures for Thanksgiving, but Oooop I did it again. Here we are with Christmas and nooooo pictures.

Earlier in the month Jimi and I delivered Christmas presents to Uncle Lavern's so he can give to his children, grand children and great grand children. This will be their first Christmas without Aunt Carol.

On Christmas Eve we wore our ugly sweaters and had a white elephant gift exchange with my parents, great niece, her boyfriend and her grandfather. It was small group, we distanced and I wore a mask (no one else did). We had such a good time. Jimi and I agree that Brittany brought the best white elephant gifts.
Afterwards, before everyone went home, Brittany and Benson included us in choosing the spelling of their baby's name. We all voted and the spelling will be Zayleigh. She is due the beginning of January.

Merry Christmas


Happy New Year

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