Sunday, October 31, 2021

Crunch time

 The count down is one. It's been determined that we'll leave Nebraska the last Friday of the month. We need to be at the boat yard on the morning of November 1st.


My often very sweet husband bought me fall flowers and I love them.

Aubree stayed the weekend with us. We took her to the pumpkin patch and carved a pumpkin.

Aubree is 4 years old and has never caved a pumpkin before. This was so much fun for us. She told grandpa what she wanted the face to look like and he drew it. I did the cutting and she cleaned out the insides. Her pumpkin turned out perfect.

Aubree's halloween costume

Most children watch Saturday morning cartoons, but not here. Grandpa and Aubree are watching about spiders.

My last weekend in Nebraska I stayed at Jenn and Josh's house dog sitting while they went out of town for a wedding. I still had a lot to get done, so I loaded the car and brought everything with me. 
I had 40 coffee mugs for the Sleepy Dog Coffee Co. in Eagle River, Alaska to make and donuts for church on Sunday. I also worked on a baby blanket and some other misc things.

The day before we left I decided to cut my hair. It was nearly down to my waist and now it's above my shoulders. Quite a change.

We left Nebraska on schedule, Friday around 11am. We drove straight through stopping for cat naps as needed. We arrived in Crestview, Florida at Darrel's house around 1pm on Saturday.

The visit was extremely emotional for me. It was hard to be in the house without Melody. If you have read my posts before, you would know Melody is my forever long time best friend and she died of cancer on September 22, 2020. Because of covid-19 I was not able to stop for our annual spring visit, not was I able to attend her funeral services.

Tiffany, Jonathan and Quinn came over. They took Jimi and I to the cemetary and then out to dinner. We then spent the evening together talking, reminencing, crying and laughing.

It certainy was a time of healing for me. I still cry when I think of Melody. She is forever in my heart.

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